Monday, August 22, 2005

10 yr Class Reunion

We had my 10 yr class reunion this weekend and had a blast. There was only about 100 of us there, a small number compared to the 400 or so that I graduated with. Everyone looked about the same but personalities were different. You really grow up in 10 yrs. The first night a few of the girls brought their babies. I felt like maybe I had brought my little guy to show him off but it was probably better that I didn't since it was a bit loud. The second night was at a country club outside of town. We had a nice dinner and then afterwards there was a dance. Dave and I danced to Alan Jackson's song Remember When. It was the first time I've had him out on the dance floor in about 8 yrs! He wouldn't dance anymore than that though. That sucked, actually no one wanted to dance there so it took lots of motivation from Jared Cassonova trying to get us all out there. When the DJ started playing things like 50 Cent, Lil Jon and Ciara though we all started coming around. Nathan Henry, a guy I didn't have much to do with in school, decided to dirty dance with a friend and I. It was interesting to say the least and everyone was getting a kick out of the 3 of us. Lots of screaming, laughing, and pointing. HEE HEE! It was nice though to see everyone and have a great time. Unfortunately for me since I'm breastfeeding, I didn't drink but I got to watch everyone else get shitfaced. In the picture though, you will see I am holding a beer which I did drink only about 3-4 sips out of! What a waste! Thank goodness it was on the house! It was one of those lets all be silly moments.

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R said...

Ah, the ever-wonderful 10 year reunion...didn't it seem so far away back then?????

Love the blog...