Sunday, September 11, 2005

Another Year at the Kansas State Fair

Today we went to the fair with all three kids. It wasn't too stressful although Dominic had his moments. He did not want to just ride the train once. He wailed as we hauled him away from it. The kid is ADDICTED to "choo choos." We didn't ride the rides today as it wasn't a ride-arama day. It costs so much money going to the fair you should save a months salary to do everything you want to there. We were probably the cheapest people there. I think we spent $20 all together. We took a cooler full of food, drinks, chips, and cookies. I had the diaper bag with all necessities such as WetOnes, Diapers, Wipes, sunscreen, camera, and kleenex. We carried all this on our Little Tykes Wagon and the double stroller. Damien was so good believe it or not! He didn't cry to eat except once and we fed him a bottle. I was going to breastfeed him in this supposed special breastfeeding spot they had for mothers but couldn't find it! Dave was too uncomfortable I think for me to whip it out! LOL I'm sure I'll post more pics on next Sunday as the kids will ride the rides. Can't wait to see how THAT goes with Dominic. Oh boy! This will be his first year to ride. According to the Farrow measuring chart he's 36 inches, Alexzandra 43 inches. I'm almost scared to let him ride as I know he'll try to jump out or something. Gotta love having a crazy daredevil son!


Adam's Mom said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun! you are brave to take the troops to the fair though! WOW

Rhonda said...

Quinn wants to come to the fair now! I think he misses KS! Looks like you all had fun. How can Dave be uncomfortable about you whipping it out when you are on your third kid!?!??!! Quinn has gotten over it in the last couple months. I told him to deal with it or figure out how to feed him himself!

How did you get the tickers up?? I can figure it out!