Monday, September 12, 2005

More of the Fair

Well the daycare kids got picked up by 4 today so we went again to the fair to get the rides out of the way. Today was free to get in and then the rides were $1 each. It's so much cheaper than doing the braclets for $15 a kid because we still have to get on rides with Dominic. We can't trust that he wouldn't jump out of a ride in the air or squeeze out of a seatbelt. We visited the dinosaur fossil displays, animals, and of course the rides.

These are hard to see but are Wolly Mammoth fossils. I can't even imagine if these things still roamed the Earth. It was enormous!

That's Alex next to a T-Rex skull!!!! Quite impressive! I wish she could have put her head in it's mouth but I'm sure that I would have been escorted out! LOL

I listened and watched Big N Rich from this big screen that was visable. After watching a bit, I'm mad I didn't buy tickets to see them but then I got to pretty much did after standing for a hour watching this screen! There was about 50 or so of us watching over the fence, some even brought chairs! HA HA! Shows how cheap people can be!

Dave road on almost all the rides with Dominic, I only rode 2 because I'm chicken!

This is me and the kids and a friend Crystal and her boys in this bear. It spins. Lame enough for me to ride. The Scooby Doo Mystery Machine stopped in the air, which I didn't realize it did, and I nearly had a panic attack.

Last I leave a picture that I took just for Dave. He says he wishes he had a big cock like this one! LMAO!

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jude said...

I love those pics. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Don't worry I would have been the cheap one and stood there with ya. I love Big & Rich!