Thursday, September 15, 2005


Well what's to tell. There hasn't been much new going on here. Yesterday was really hard with little Damien. He cried and cried all day! Guess the guy was a bit constipated. Gave him a suppository and he seemed better but then he was hungry all day. Put his screaming with the other baby I watch and I was at my wits end. The other 3 were running around like normal fighting, pushing, hitting. I saw something new yesterday too. Dominic and Corbin having a fist fight. Where do 2 yr olds learn to do this?? I'm assuming TV but it was a bit strange hearing garbled yelling in the frontroom and go in to see these two taking punches at each other. "Bad! Bad! GO GO! No NO!" that's about all their words consisted of. LOL

Tuesday while Alex was in gymnastics, I got our family YMCA membership. It's going to cost $42 a month plus Alex's Gymnastics are $26 a month. I mainly got it so we could go swimming but I plan to work out when she's tumbling around for a hour. I can even buy a punch card for $20 and have Damien, Dominic and Alex watched. $1 per kid for 2 hours!! That's one hell of a deal!!!

Last night my sister came over. She lives in Lawerence, goes to KU (University of Kansas) works her ass off too. We went to my dad's so she could say hi and ran to Walmart for a few things I needed. Basically I went for 2 packs of diapers for the boys, dogfood, and milk but ended up getting snacks for Alex's lunches and shoes and running pants for my YMCA membership. Can you tell I'm ready to work out??

I used to be pretty active, till I had kids. Riding bikes, running, bowling, etc. I weighed 122 lbs! I used to think I was fat in highschool and starve myself exercising constantly. As we started having kids that all went bye bye and the most physical activity we do anymore is running after Dominic in a store. There's time to squeeze it in, it's just I never do. I have a tight schedule but I can juggle it in as long as I have someone to watch the kids. That's the main problem BUT now that I can buy this card for $20...well there's no excuses now!

I've been thinking long and hard on whether to keep breastfeeding Damien. He's hardly ever satisfied for very long afterwards. Usually he wants to eat a hour after I bf'd him. I'm still going through 4-8 oz formula daily now. Used to be a few times a week, now it's daily. (sigh) Oh well, my other 2 took formula after 6 weeks and they're still alive. What can ya do! I did get the sling I ordered for more baby wearing around the house. I thought it would be a little nicer than my Snugli but when I lay him down in it he screams and kicks. Don't think he likes the laying down position but when I put him upright he likes it. I think I'm going to return it, get the $45 back and buy him a nice toy instead like that Jumparoo! If he wants to ride, we'll stick to the Snugli. He loves it. That was his main source of transportation at the fair. Smiling and giggling getting all the other moms to ask about him. He's going to be alittle flirt just like Dominic is.

Oh yes! And tonight is Alexzandra's first Daisy meeting! Can't wait to see how that goes. I'm actually glad now that someone else did take up the leader roll. My dad just gave me a hard time yesterday because I said I wanted to volunteer as a helper for 4H. His exact words "when will you have time?" I just want to keep busy. Dave and I want the kiddos in 4H so we're planning on finding a prospect for Alex. She seems to like rabbits. If I can get a nice hutch I'm thinking of taking her to the fair to pick out a rabbit. Ok I've rambled long enough!

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