Thursday, September 08, 2005

Damien's 2 Month Appt

Hard to believe Damien is 2 months already!! He did great although I had butterflies in my tummy! I hate hate hate shot day! It's worse on me than it is them. My hands get clammy, I shake, sometimes I even get an upset stomach. I usually have some tears in my eyes because it's sad hearing your child cry like that. I feel their pain.

Day started by me searching forever for a bottle of Infant Tylenol. Couldn't find it so when my Grandma arrived to watch the other 3 kids I took off to Kmart to grab a new bottle. I knew I had to get some in him before he got the shots. I even had the clerk rip it open for me while I was writing my check so I could dispense it before arriving to the appointment. I raced to the Dr's office and lugged Damien in his carrier up to the 2nd floor. I was pooped by the time I got there. Dr came in and examined him and said he looked great! He weighs 12 lbs 2 oz and is 24 inches long. I was shocked on the weight. I figured he weighed a good 13 lbs or so. Damien was so happy cooing at the Dr as if he was telling him how excited he was to be there instead of being trapped at our house all day. He asked if I had any questions or concerns and usually everytime I go to him I ask about one of the other kiddos. No concerns on Dominic and Damien just Alexzandra. I ask for another Miralax prescription and get one so I need to get that filled. Poor girl but I've got to get her tummy back in check. So then the nurse comes in for shots. We did Pediatrix again so he got 3 shots in the legs. He whimpered and had a sad pouty lip the first two shots, then the 3rd he let out sort of a little sad whimpery cry but then I picked him up and he smiled. I was really suprised since usually when my other 2 had their shots they cried and wailed for a few minutes afterwards. I just picked him up and fed him alittle bit of EBM I had brought and out the door we went. I hope our next shot appointment in 2 months will be this easy.


Rhonda said...

I must get one of those steam cleaners!!!!!! I hate the one I have... too hard to use. Glad to hear Damien's appointment went well.

Adam's Mom said...

Glad to hear Damien was a real trooper! Don't worry mom, you will be just fine at the next appointment too