Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Bissell to the Rescue AGAIN!

Ok so today I ended up using my trusty new friend 3 more times! Guess that $40 was a good investment! I wake up at 6 AM to Dominic whining in bed. His diaper came off and he peed ALL OVER including his mattress which I just purchased a waterproof cover for a few days back but haven't had time to put it on. You know how that goes. (sigh) So I cleaned his mattress with the Bissell. Then at lunch, I made grape juice and forgot that I left my 2 Qt pitcher filling on the counter with the reverse osmosis spout. Heard water spilling and came in the kitchen to find diluted grape juice spilling on the floor, covering the counter top and it drained under to my lazy susan! Nice! I had the biggest sticky mess to clean and bad words just kept flying from my mouth about it. Ooops! Then as I was cleaning this I go into the front room to find that my dog had ate grass outside and puked a fist sized amount on my carpet! So the little spotlifter was put to use 3 times in one day. I'm praying for a no mess day tomorrow. Highly doubt that happens but maybe a less mess day. That would be nice.

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Adam's Mom said...

guess I'm gonna have to buy a bissell eh?!