Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bissell to the Rescue! Fruit Fly Traps.....NOT!

This is a Fruit Fly trap. They Don't work! These little bastards come to it look in the hole, conversate with the other fruit flies on there about how stupid humans are thinking that they're dumb enough to fly in there and kill themselves! I've had these in my kitchen for a week now with no decrease to these flying pains in my kitchen.

Well I noticed a big difference today with the fruit flies. There aren't as many, maybe the bleach down the drain was the trick. Maybe it was me swatting the shit out of them with my towel. Who knows. They are still around but not as big of a colony as before. I just want them GONE.

Today was as decent as it could be I suppose. Kayla the 8mth old cried on and off through the day. Corbin, Kelsey, and Dominic fought over toys as usual but it wasn't as bad since I got rid of that little playhouse in the frontroom. The playhouse is the highlight of the house. ALL the kids love playing in it but then Dominic started moving it across the floor, running people over with it and flipping it on it's side. The slide on the front was used as a ramp for his Little Tykes Motorcycle to fly down. It just wasn't getting used the correct way so I am putting it away until Damien is old enough to play with it.

Today though when Kelsey's mom came to get her and Kayla I noticed Kelsey crying. Dominic pulled these balloons off her shoes (her mom made them) and I figured that was the problem. Nope. Her mom shows up and she bursts into tears runs to her and her mom finds out by picking her up that she peed ALL OVER MY COUCH! Dave says charge her extra for it. HA HA! That's one of the things about daycare, everything you have gets destroyed and there's not much you can do about it. Toys you buy, put them away because they're bound to get broke. So tonight after gymnastics, Alex and I went to Kmart and bought a Bissell Spotlifter with these rotating brushes. I have a Bissell canister wetvac but it's such a pain to get out that I thought I'd just go buy something to get the pee cleaned. I guess I'll just go ahead and say I recommend this thing to all mommies because it worked rather well.
So now I have 3 steamcleaning machines. I also have a Regina steamcleaner. The things you need with having children! Geez! Tomorrow is Damien's 2 month appointment! Can't wait to share how that goes...ya know with the shots and all. LOL

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