Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day Weekend

Well our Labor Day was pretty UNEVENTFUL! I was so glad at 4:30 on Friday when the last 2 kids I watch walked out the door. That's the highlight of my day, other people leaving my house! Hee Hee!

Saturday my dad called to ask if Dave wanted some help doing yard work. We have an acre and a 1/2 of land and it's a PAIN when you don't have some sort of livestock on it. When we had a horse we didn't have much to mow! He ate it all but now we have to mow it since we have no grass eating animals at the moment. While they were mowing they found pot plants growing wild in our yard! They are huge so now i need to figure out who to call to get rid of it. Supposedly the County will burn it down for you. Later we went by my dad's house and I got to play this organ he bought at an auction. It's a 1890's pump organ where you have to pump your feet to play the thing. I told him I wished I would have brought over the Toccata in D minor because it TOTALLY fit the sound of this organ. It was a hoot! You could probably lose a few pounds playing it just by pumping your feet and playing. Took alot of cordination. I played him the Fur Elise, Moonlight Sonata, Take me out to the ball park, and Charge. He hadn't heard me play for awhile so he enjoyed it I guess. LOL He was just wanting someone to play this thing since his wife doesn't play the piano. This organ is worth about $1500 + which is about the cost of a new piano but it's an antique and original that's for sure!

Sunday was more of a lazy day then anything. I fought with Dave about these fruit flies that have invaded my house. I'm talking about 50-60 of these things. They started out I think because we always buy bananas but then I put the bananas in a plastic bag and we still have them and about 10 x's worse! Mainly I cleaned on Sunday to prepare for decontamination of these booger bugs!

Today, Labor Day, we went to Home Depot and bought a new ceiling fan and installed it. Ours was possessed. You'd turn it on high and a hour later it'd be on low. Then you would go to switch the speed and it'd slow to a stop and reverse directions. It'd do that 3 times and then finally find a shut off gear and shut off like you want it to. I'm guessing it was a 1980's version with how much of that ugly brass it had on it. It needed a replacement. Being our first fan to install there was lots of arguing and laughing. We had the hardest time holding the thing above our heads and screwing in the ceiling. It weighed a TON! Then after we finally got it up, we read the box and it said the motor weighed 20 lbs!! HA HA! We're weak! By the time we got done we were both dripping sweat. Tonight we went to Walmart for grocceries. I couldn't get a sitter and I know Dave wanted out of the house so we took all 3 kids. Oh what fun! Actually the 2 older ones were ok it was just Damien. Crying to eat, crying because he pooped, crying to cry!! We usually get 2 baskets so I ended up pulling mine while holding Damien and Dave pushed the other 2. That was when I finally decided I need a sling. I'm not going to be a baby wearer all the time, just at certain parts of the day when I really need my hands free. He loves to be held so I already keep him in the snugli alot but oh my aching back! Tonight we put bleach down the drains to see if that helps with my fruit fly nightmare. We'll see! Well it's late! To bed I go!

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