Monday, September 19, 2005

Spend that Money

This weekend, as most are, was pretty uneventful! We didn't do much because of our stomach flu deal but by Sunday everyone was back to normal. I was so relieved that Damien, Alex, and Dave didn't get the crud. Saturday night Dave and I went checking out hot tubs at the fair since it was about over. We figured by looking at that we could get one on there for $3000. I didn't realize how they were alot less the hot tub than the ones at the fair! We ended up buying one and spending $7,170!!!! The difference is though it has 106 jets vs 30 or so that the Walmart ones offer. We visited Marquis, Hotsprings, Coleman, Emerald and a few others. Superior was the one we found the most therapy for the best price. I got to pick my colors on it so I got the pearl white with the wood looking vinyl base. It was like buying a car which I hate doing that but this was so much fun. There was no pressure at all and the woman we dealt with was so nice and helpful since she owned a hot tub herself. It won't be in for 3-4 weeks which is going to feel like an eternity to me! I have to get someone over to fix our electrical box so we can get it hooked up.

This is a picture of the Spa we bought except it's not that speckled Gray color. It's going to be pearl white! See that lounger with the jets for the back of your legs?? OH YEAH! That'll feel great after throwing my munchkins to bed at 8 PM! All the stress from daycare will just melt away from me. LOL There's even jets for your arms on the sides there. It has steps into it but they can also be used as kiddo seating so Alexzandra is excited about that! That was one thing I also was happy about with this brand was the kid seating.

We took the kids bowling yesterday for something to do. It was $12 for 1 hour! We didn't even get them shoes, they did it in their socks. Shoes were $2.25 a pair! Yikes! I sat with Damien while Dave helped Dominic. Alex loves bowling and already knows how to. She's getting the hang of getting the ball to go faster and you should have seen her face after getting a strike yesterday! Such a happy girl! Of course we had the bumpers out so she could get that strike but she knows no difference!

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I'm coming over for a hot there in a few days LOL