Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Damien has been giving us so many smiles and the past few days he's actually really laughing where before it was alittle grin and a "hee hee" now it's an actual baby laugh! I told Dave that it's getting more exciting around here with him being so much more alert. He's got these marathon runner legs that when he's excited he starts running while he's laying down. His favorite toy is the Symphony Piano by far. Those little colors racing over his head just put him into a kick crazy mode. The toy bar is his punching bag since he's not into grabbing yet he'll just punch at the toys. Then the next thing he loves is the Kick N Play bouncer in which he punches the toys on that one and rocks it like crazy watching all the lights going up and down the bar. I have a Kick N Play gym where when he kicks everything spins above him while laying on the floor but I haven't got it out of the basement yet. We have so many little gyms and playthings down there all waiting for him as he grows older. It's nuts how fast he's growing up already! In another month we'll be starting cereal!

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Adam's Mom said...

He is such a cutie pie! I love the smiles! Can't wait to experience that for myself!
95 more days!!