Wednesday, September 21, 2005

First there were 1's then there were 2's

I just discovered last night that my next pack of butt covers for baby D is going to be size 2's! Hard to believe at his young age of 2 1/2 mths he's going to be graduating out of 1's. The highest size diapers I've bought is size 4's and I'm still using them daily for Dominic. I wish he'd just potty train but he's not ready yet. Damien has the sumo belly going on that's for sure. If he gets anymore round I doubt he'll ever learn to turn over.

In other news it's been announced that our children's vinyl lunchboxes are unsafe because of lead contained in the fibers. I'm testing Alexzandra's to find out if her's contains any but this is really scary. You would never think of a lunchbox being harmful to your kid. What's next? Is their toothpaste going to be linked to cancer?? They are saying not to use these soft boxes but if I buy the kit to test it and it's safe then I'll let her use it. The thing did cost $8! It's such a cute little ladybug isn't it??

I've been extremely tired lately really for no reason. I'm not sure what's my deal but as soon as I lay my head down at night, I'm out. I could barely stay awake yesterday afternoon. I'm only getting up twice a night for a few minutes, it's not like I'm up for a hour like I was when Damien was a newborn. I get up once with Dominic and then Damien wakes around 4-5 to eat. I'm calling Parents as Teachers today to see if I can get Dominic involved with that. I wasn't too familiar with the program but picked up a brochure and it sounds like something maybe I should look into. Maybe they'll be able to help with his crazy antics.

We had 2 electricians come by yesterday and we'll be getting quotes from them by the end of the week on the cost to get us ready for the spa. I have a bad bad feeling it's going to cost around $1,000. One made it sound like it was going to be fairly easy to do, the other made it sound like they were going to have to get us up to code on a few things and we may have to do some siding work after they move our electrical meter. I'm a bit worried. Guess we'll see what happens.

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Rhonda said...

Zach is in size 4 diapers already....