Friday, September 23, 2005

My Mess

Getting this new hot tub is slowly turning into a disaster. I thought it was going to be a quick purchase hook it up to the house and we'd be set by the end of the month. Wrong!

First we are waiting for bids on the electrical aspect of it. We're figuring $1,000 to be safe. What they are going to do is put a new breaker box in the garage with extra breakers for if we need to add more electrical stuff to the house. We can wire the hot tub into our existing box butr we don't know if it's going to bog anything down or short out something. One guy says you'll be ok/ one says don't. So then they'll install a box on the back patio where the hot tub is wired into the box.

Next we gave a $170 check to the hot tub company not even thinking really. I figured we give them that much then we only owe $7000 on it. I looked in our bank acct online yesterday and saw they'd already cashed the check as of monday. We haven't even gotten officially approved for the loan yet! So they have our money, we haven't gotten the loan, and then the kicker. Dave thought he'd look at another store that sells the EXACT same hot tub and see what they're price was. $6,650 vs the $7170 we paid. That's a big amount when you think that will pay 1/2 the electrical work we need done. So now I want to puke. I feel like we're getting screwed because of that, the other company cashed the check and the loan they want us to do wants a $65 documentation fee. (they never told us they were going through a bank)

So Dave calls this place we bought the tub from and says "listen the electrical work is going to cost too much" basically to try to get the money back without saying we're going elsewhere and the owner tells Dave that that money is a deposit pretty much. He said they charge a 10% restocking fee and Dave told him if that's the case they can take 10% of our $170 which would be $17 but if they wanted 10% of the spa that's $700 so the guy may try to keep all the money. Dave sounds like we'll get most of the money back but still! I told Dave he should also point out to them that on this loan paperwork it says 7.9% for 5 yrs when we told them we wanted to do the 0% for 6 mths. I'm not paying an extra $1720 for interest on this hot tub. We wanted to pay it off in a year and this other company offers 0% for a year.

So now we're in limbo here and have to wait and see what this man says after he calls the factory. I don't think they could possibly started on the tub already it's only been 5 days. I know Dave though and he WILL be an ass about things if he has to to get his way. I've been with him for over 11 yrs now and I've had free cell phone and cable bills because of some of the bitching he'll do. I also got a free new cell phone once without starting a new contract. He's just like his dad. His dad has done several things to get his way with companies, some I don't agree with like running a truck engine without oil then sticking it back in and taking it to the dealership and getting a brand new vehicle. LOL This is alittle different though. They cashed that check before we even got the loan and they didn't tell us the money was a deposit. If I would have known that I wouldn't have gave that much. She just told me that they needed some amount of money down. (sigh) I'll be worrying about this all weekend now.

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