Monday, September 26, 2005

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood......

Well this weekend weather was so perfect! I'm enjoying the lower temps and going outside with the kids a bit more. Friday night after all the daycare kiddos had left we went to jungle night at our zoo. The kids played games, searched for buyried treasure, rode the train and then had their picture taken in a cage with a gorilla.... a person dressed as a gorilla that is. It was funny seeing Dominic jump up there and take his hand. He wasn't scared at all!

Saturday we went to a Chili Cookoff. There were 20 or so participants but the lines were horrible to sample each one and with 3 not so patient kids we decided to skip the taste testing and let them play games they had going on. We walked the 6 block stretch to the end and went to this Mexican restraunt we go to frequently. The kids hate Mexican food when I make it at home but they sure like the real stuff! It's more Tex Mex but it's really authentic. We sit down and then Damien starts grunting to eat. I then notice I left his bottle in the minivan! I wasn't about to pull a boob out in the restraunt or in the tiny cantina bathroom so I took him and the double stroller and we walked 6 blocks back to the car. Halfway there I look at him and he's sleeping! I could have probably made it through the meal by giving him his pacifier but I was afraid he'd start screaming and cause a scene. Usually that's Dominic's job but I didn't want to deal with 2 boys going nuts while we tried to eat! I loaded up and we drove back to the restraunt and Damien slept the WHOLE time till we got ready to leave then he decided to wake up and eat. Nice! Afterwards we dropped him off with my grandmother and went to the YMCA to swim with the kids. That was nice because they burnt off some energy and went to bed fairly easy at 8:30!

We actually stayed up till 1 AM Sunday morning getting the house cleaned before leaving town and going to Wichita that afternoon. We went to Sams Club and blew $150 on food. I shop there about once every month. We buy the 8 lbs of fries, 5 lbs fish sticks, 4 lbs Oscar Meyer Hotdogs, 10 pk Mac n Cheese, etc. We go through this stuff fast too. The kids LOVE Sam's since we only go on the weekends and they are always serving up samples. They'll go hungry and end up full by the time we leave that place. Sunday night Alexzandra and I spent the evening putting up all
the Halloween decorations. We have a huge blow up pumpkin on the front yard and then electric pumpkins in the house and some other knick knacks. Eventually when I find the time, I have 2 air blown decorations to stick on the front lawn. One is a Vampire Winny the Pooh (real scary let me tell ya) and the other is a mummy. Hopefully I'll be able to put them up soon as Alexzandra won't shut up about it! Last night she went on and on about painting a pumpkin since Dominic and Kelsey had done one while she was at school. She's such the bugaboo sometimes.

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R said...

Are you freaking kidding me? You are tired for no reason? You're joking, right? Girl, in my eyes, you are SUPER WOMAN. I am sorry, I read that on your last post and was just thinking today, "How does she do it?" Wow. I have a 2 month old and a 7 month old and already I am like, wow, this babysitting hting can be kind of hard! Well, not hard necessarily, but just um... sort of stifling to be in the house all day. Do you ever feel that way, like you just want to get out? What do you to about it? Yeah, $175 is alot, huh...You know I am not far from you, right? I would love to hear from email is and I'd love to hear from you! I need some tips!

Also, Lucy is ALMOST GRADUATING out of size 4's. Yes, she is an absolute chunk.

Again, you are amazing doing all that you do and keeping your wits about you!

You have 2 day care kiddos, right?