Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Bored Kids?? Buy Fish!

Well things around here have been actually relatively calm the past few days. While I was doing my food program paperwork last night I started looking at the previous months of doing daycare and my attendance. No wonder I don't complain about daycare as much anymore. For the first 5 months of the year I was watching Kayla, Kelsey, Corbin, Madison, Kaelynn, Lexi, and my 2 kids. I now only watch Kayla, Kesley, Lexi, Corbin and my 3 kids. Lexi and Alexzandra are in school all day so I don't have to worry about them much so I just have 5 during the day instead of 8 or so like I used to. There are still days where I want to just run to the basement in a corner and cry but I try to make the best of things. I just think of how lucky I am to get to stay home and watch every little milestone of the kids and that makes me feel better.

This week I bought some more fish for our tank. I used to have it in the basement because I was tired of the kids messing with the tank in the front room but I went ahead and brought it back upstairs and bought some newbie fish to go with the others that were left after Dominic killed 1/2 of them with the sulfur from matches. Yes...remember that?? Well looking in there I see my Black Beauty (a black Moor Goldfish) eating something like a freakin pirannah. I look real close and it's a Spaghetti O obviously must have been on the floor and Dominic thought it'd be tasty to the fish. Well the fish were delighted with this new found food because well, in Walmart I doubt they're fed Spaghetti O's.

We had a tragic loss at the house the other day. This crappy Kansas wind carried our blown up pumpkin down the road against my neighbor's barbwire fence and tore some nice sized gashes into him. Poor thing. Pumpkin ended up being buried in the polycart. (sigh)

I know alot of people are wondering about the hot tub fiasco so here's the update. I sent the loan paperwork to the bank so the company can get their money for the tub. Dave still isn't happy about finding it $500 cheaper at another place but I think me begging him to just forget he found it elsewhere is working. I called the place we bought it and said continue with the order since I found a "reasonable" electrical bid. We'll be having the electric box changed out on Thursday and the 220 put in for $800. My dad still has NO IDEA that we bought this thing. He's going to shit bricks when he finds out we did. He told me once that it'd be a waste of money, never be used. I highly doubt that! BUT I told him we'd spend around $3000 and well we ended up going high class spending $7000! I almost slipped at his house the other day. He wasn't in the room but I told my stepmom that we were putting a 220V Outlet outside. I haven't even told my mom how much the tub was although I'm sure she knows since when she found out we were getting one she tracked down the place we bought it and asked how much. When he comes to put the electrical in on thursday, I'll be without power for 4 hours. I'll have 3 kids, Dominic, Damien and Corbin. The boys will be bored without TV so I'll have to keep them entertained for quite sometime.

I think that's about it for now! So much for a short post.

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