Thursday, October 13, 2005

Coming to a City Near You??

Last night Dave came home and told me that his boss questioned him about taking Management training for his job. If he was to become a "Branch Manager" as they call it, we'd have to move to another town, city or most likely state. He told me that he wouldn't do anything without my approval. So what do you do? He told me he had a million questions to ask before he did or said yes or no to his boss. I know if all the answers were right, Dave would jump on it but it'd be me questioning whether or not it's a good idea. I prefer living near my family and having that whole support system. I'm sure others can relate. Then you wonder if as a manager it'll work out. What if he was to get fired? What about the price of living elsewhere, Hutch is cheap. Would we have to pack up and move back home? How would we afford it? He's been bugging me to move from Hutchinson to Wichita for a year now since he works there and travels 45 minutes to work everyday and he's been ok with me saying no on that. If it's something he wants to do, I'll go for it for his sake but honestly I'm sure I'll be homesick and scared elsewhere.

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Adam's Mom said...

WOW this is big news! Please do let us know what happens!

Shawn and I are living in the most expensive part of the city in a small apartment. We could move to the "burbs" as we call them, have a huge house but we so enjoy being in the heart of the city and still so close to our families. I guess everyone has to weigh the pros and cons. Good luck!