Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tuesday Rambles

I've finally posted a new video of Damien at 3 months old babbling away. I made the video short so it doesn't take forever to load. I know some of them I make take forever!


So now on to other news. Today has been wild with the kids. Kelsey keeps bringing over some toy dinosaurs from home which causes all 3 kids to fight. I ended up taking them away again. Along with that it seems that Damien knows when I'm about to feed Kayla because he wakes up screaming that he's hungry as well. I usually have to let him scream as I try to hurry and finish feeding her. They had a hamburger and french fries for lunch which they gobbled down so that's good. Now it's nap time and I'm on break. Dominic is awake playing in his room. I tell him it's quiet time and he'll play in there for a few hours. Getting him to nap is a pain and half the time he won't he'll just play so I don't care as long as he's quiet so everyone else can sleep.

Alex brought home a field trip form last night which said they needed 4 parents to chapparone. It's a first come first serve basis so I sent the form back and said I would. Now we wait and see if her teacher says ok. This is one thing about daycare that peevs me is I can't do school activities with 5 extra kids tagging along during the day. If I get to go, I'll have Dave's aunt watch our kids and tell R and T I can't watch their kids that day. I want to be able to participate in the parties and field trips at the school. So then we get to the part about the school directory. In the directory under each teacher they have a room mothers section. I didn't even know how these women got to be room mothers and why wasn't I asked? I found out last night at that meeting that in enrollment they give you a paper asking you if you would like to on a form with an opt out for listing your contact info. I don't remember seeing this. I didn't even ask about it, the teacher there said that a parent's address and phone # was listed in the directory and shouldn't have been. Then they said there was an opt out box this parent should have signed on the same form asking about room mothers. That's nice to know! Oh well I'll make sure I'm a room mother next year. I thought that the room mothers were picked at the PTA meeting they had in September. Guess not because none of them were there. Doesn't make sense to me.

Well I'm almost completely done with pumping I think. It's been over 8 hours and I'm not sore so I'm going to hold off as long as possible today. This may be the last day he gets boob milk! I'm really not looking forward to feeding a bottle in the middle of the night but he's sleeping till 5 AM so maybe that'll be Dave's job when he's getting ready for work. (yeah right) One thing I forgot about formula fed babies is the poop appearance. We went from yellow seedy explosions to creamy pasty green. The formula diaper is much more easier and nicer to clean! Now as I write this my left boob is starting to pulse with engorged pain. I'm holding out though!

Does anyone ever get excited over stupid things that really don't mean much? I got my Ford Motor Credit bill today showing that we owe $15,400 on our minivan. This is the only vehicle we owe on and it's exciting to me to see the # keep dropping. We started at $23,000 back in Sept 2003 so to me that's quite a drop. We were planning on getting a SUV but that plans on the back burner now with the cost of gas. I think it's back to like $2.65 now. At that rate I think I'll stick to a minivan and get 20+ mpg. Our truck has sat for 2 months because as soon as you tap the gas you can see the gage move. It's a 2003 Dodge Ram if anyone wants to buy it. LOL

Tonight is gymanstics and guess what? Because I was wrong on the time of the PTA meeting originally, Dave has to work late tonight since he got off early last night. I will have in tow a fit throwing 2 yr old and a whining 3 month old as we try to sit and watch gymnastics. I'll tell later how it goes.

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Michelle said...

Love the video Sabrina. It is so cute. I can never get McKenna to do something for the camera!