Monday, October 10, 2005

"We're here for the PTA Meeting. Did we miss it?"

That was the first thing I said when we walked into the library at 6:50 PM. The school calendar said 6 PM yet their newsletter said 7 and since the newsletter is written monthly I figured it was 7. I was right it was 7 but when 7 came around the same 12 people including us and the principal were the only ones there. Am I wrong here? I though PTA or PTO meant Parent/Teacher?? There was one teacher and she was one of the other kindergarten teachers who has 3 kids in the school. I thought parents are supposed to go to these things because they wanted to stay up to date and active in their school's activities. Hmmmm....guess not. This was the same thing that happened last year there with the preschool Head Start meetings. It was the same group of us girls every month. I'm glad I went last year though because now I know at least 10 or so parents. I met no one last night except for the 4 board members. I know the prinicpal and I knew 2 of the other parents.

Discussed was the addition of 2 more adjustable basketball goals for the kindergarteners, some nice lit up signage at the intersection for the school, the carnival in May, and the Halloween party coming up on the 27th. We talked some about the cookie dough fundraiser we just finished. I'm not going to say it was a waste of time because it wasn't but it was a bit disappointed. The president whom I know already said "I might fumble just alittle since usually it's just us 4 board memebers and the principal." How sad! The principal Mr George shook Dave's hand for being the first man to ever show up besides himself. Now that's messed up.

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