Monday, October 10, 2005

Growing Sprouts

It's now 10 AM and Dominic is still sleeping. Anyone have a guess to how my day is going to be later?? Oh well. He was up at 5 AM this morning thank goodness Dave was up already getting around for work. He took care of him for me. Only one child last night interupted my sleep and that was Damien as usual. I fed him only from 4-4:45! He didn't try to eat off me for 2 hours like the norm. The other night I had all 3 of them wake me up. That really really sucked. I was so tired the whole day.

Some updates around here.... Damien is almost officially weaned. We're breastfeeding his night feeding and I'm pumping at 2 PM and 10PM. I would like to be done with breastfeeding very soon BUT I hate stopping because of the engorged pain. Yesterday I was leaking everywhere...ugh! I hate this. I've got to do it though, it's just too hard to breastfeed with 4 other little kids bugging you the whole time and it takes too long. I'm always on the go around here. Along with that I'd like to know when Aunt Flo plans to visit I'm tired of not knowing, and I want my body back. Exactly a year ago this week he took my body from me making it all his. He is growing up so fast! I was holding his binkie last night and he grabbed it and was trying to put it in his mouth. I couldn't believe it. Alexzandra sings to him all the time and he just loves it. Dominic still doesn't interact with him too much. He'll come say hi to him for a quick second then run off and do his own thing.

Alexzandra did her cheerleading at the highschool football game on friday. She was really really
good! Some of those girls looked as if they were forced out there but Alex did all the jumps and the movements like the highschool cheerleaders. I have a feeling she'll be a cheerleader when she gets in middle school. We also spent this weekend picking up money for cookie dough since Alex sold 17 tubs! Actually you know how it goes, the parents are the ones that sell it. I spent Sunday making Alexzandra her tie blanket. I've been putting it off forever but finally just said screw housework, I'll get this thing made! Now I've got to make my niece one for her birthday on October 28th.

I found a program called Wee Wigglers here in town that I'm putting Dominic in. It's 7 weeks long, cost $50 and is on Tuesdays starting in November. It's only for a hour long but I figure it'll give him some time to interact with other kids without me around and hopefully they won't kick him out of the class. LOL I pray he doesn't bust some kid's lip open or knock anyone unconcious. My grandmother will take him for me. This will be the start to see how he acts under someone elses's supervision.

Tonight we have a PTA meeting to go to, first one this year. Actually there was one in September but we missed it so we could take the kids to the fair to ride the rides cheap since it was $1 day. This month we aren't missing it. I went to every Head Start Preschool meeting last year, I can do it this year too. I want to be involved in her schooling, not some loser sideline parent who could care less what's going on at the school. I saw too much of that with her preschool where the parents didn't come to the meetings OR the parties we had for the kids. I want to meet other parents so when she says "can I go to so and so's house" I can feel comfortable about that. It's also another way for me to have an adult conversation. Being a SAHM you don't get much of that unless you talk on the phone all day.

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Kirsten said...

He really nurses for 2 hours!!!?? WOW! I wish, she wants off after about 10 min! I guess that is why at 11 weeks she is only like, 10 lbs!