Thursday, October 06, 2005

One Step Closer

Dave trying to play with 3 kids at one time

Today we had our electrical work done! I'm so so happy! Now we just wait unpatiently for the hot tub to arrive. Who's coming over to party? LOL The guy who put it in was real nice and told me feel free to leave since I'd be without power for about 3-4 hours so I took the kids to get gas ($2.74 a gallon!!) Target (the best store on Earth) and McDonalds (fattening up for winter!) Dominic was actually quite good for the most part. He climbed up the clothes racks but as soon as I said the word "toys" he stood right with the basket and we checked up all the toy rows. Damien starts to fuss and again I forgot his binkie! I had to stick my finger in his mouth for the rest of the trip. He sure loves my finger but everyone else in the store was looking at me like I was some kinda perv. Gotta do whatcha gotta do! Dom picked out 2 new Thomas engines. Wasn't going to get him anything but when we got to the register and he gave them to the associate I told him to ring up the bigger one but not the other and put it in the sack and hopefully Dominic won't see that we were just getting one. He was eyeballing the clerk like where's my choo choo. Then the guy throws the receipt in the sack and starts to hand it to me. Dominic blurts out real loud "MY SACK" and takes it from the dude. We were both laughing. He didn't even look into the sack till we got in the van but didn't care that he only got one. Good thing because I didn't want to deal with him being a brat at McDonalds.

At McDonalds, Damien was screaming till I got the bottle in his mouth. He slurped it down in about 3 minutes and then was fine. Dominic ate pretty good for once but probably only because he had his new "choo choo." He could care less about his happy meal toy. We came home and the electrical was done and lights were on. It looks great!

Yesterday was a sad day. It was a year ago that our lab/rott mix Dusty had been hit by a car and then my mother called at 7:30 AM to tell me that because her dog couldn't breathe they put him to sleep. He was a 11 yr old Yorkie named Gizmo. He'd had so many health problems and they knew it wasn't much longer. He coughed so hard all the time it was really sad. I feel really bad for her and her husband right now. It is like losing a kid. I still tear up thinking of Dusty since he was my first "baby." I told her the grief will be there for awhile but it will get better and that he's not suffering anymore. What else can you say. I hate death.

In other news I'm starting to look into options for Dominic to possibly go to school and interact with other children. It's going to be hard for me to let him go since I've been home with him for 2 1/2 yrs now but he really needs to be somewhere without me or my family. I'm thinking Montisorri for now since they are very structured. Does that sound bad? I hate to think I'm throwing him in peewee bootcamp but he really does need it. He needs someone else to tell him things are wrong other than me because he just could care less if I tell him it's bad to hit or it's bad to take toys from others. Dave says I let him get away with murder around the house and baby him too much. I don't think I really do. I am afraid though if he does go somewhere that I'll start getting calls to come get him because of his rowdy behavior.

Last night we went swimming at the YMCA again. I'm loving this membership. Why didn't we do this ages ago?? The kids LOVE swimming all the time. Dave refuses to let me have Damien in their daycare so I have to find someone to watch him every time we go. I feel bad asking people and feel like I'm pawning him off so we can have fun without him. I don't know if he feels like Damien will get germs or not get cared for in the Y daycare but he will not budge on it. I want to use the Cardio room but I want to go with someone else. No one will get a membership and go with me. For now I'll just chase the kids around the pool.


Amie said...

Sounds like you are having a great time and are a great Mom :) Your kids are adorable.

About Montisorri, it would probley be great for Dominic, based on the research that I have done on it. From what I understand it isn't strict in the way that you might be thinking, it is more structured, independent play, and they are very focused on working at the childs pace. (I hope you don't think that I am acting like a no-it-all, I have read a couple of books about it) let me know what you decied I would like to know more about it.

There is also a great blog called Mommy Life and that lady is a a author and she used to teach montisorri, she also has like 11 kids (some adopted). You should check it out.

And about having Atkinson blood, let me tell you that will make them tall and skinny :) as you know. Kyle fits 4T pants in the legs but they fall off of his waist. Now if only he didn't have the ears, hahaha :)

Later, Amie

Melody said...

You sound like a very busy lady. Good luck with everything. Enjoy your blog.

Lindsay said...

Sabrina- Sounds like you had a good day with the kids :) I'm so excited for you for your hot tub. Not that I could use it right now, but I'm sure my back would be happier :)

One of my friends put her son in an "Early Learning Center" (it's a mix between a day care and a montessori). She had similar reasoning for why she thought it would be good for Jeran. It has turned out to be a great experience for J and has helped with his development of social and "play" skills. He loves it, too!

Not that I have a whole lot of back ground to draw from, but I wouldn't feel guilty about it. You are looking to provide an educational opportunity for Dominic. From what I have observed from my friends through their parenting experiences is that each child needs different things at different times. Some kids the what they need at home while others need a social structure of a school environment at different ages to help them learn and grow.

I think you truly are a great mom. You work so hard and have your kids' needs at the heart of everything you do.