Friday, October 14, 2005

Finally the weekend!

This week seemed to take forever. Glad it's over though. I'll be watching my cousin's little boy starting Monday. I'll have 3 infants I'll be watching now. Damien (3Mths) Kayla (1oMths) Nicholas(12 Mths) This is only temporary but it's the least I could do to help her out. She just moved back from Ohio to be with her family again. I'm hoping when she gets settled we'll be able to have the kids all play together. She also has a daughter that's 3 but she'll be going to the daycare center she has chosen for the kids to go to. Unfortunately this place won't let a 1 yr old in unless they are walking. They want babies to walk to tables. Is that the most retarded thing you've ever heard?? Not all babies grow up and walk at 10 mths. What nerve. She called several places and this was the rule at all of them. I will be watching him till he learns to walk.

I never posted how my night was with Damien and Dominic in tow for Gymnastics. Let me just say that it sucked! Damien was great, couldn't ask for a better child but Dominic of course was the devil. He kept running off, turning off the lights on the girls while they were on the balancing beam (yeah real safe!) jumping off the stairs, etc. He wouldn't sit still at all. I was so ready to go. I had to women tell me "we've all been there before" Well thanks for telling me that, it's very nice of you but it's not helping my situation at the moment. One lady offered to help me carry Damien while I held Dominic during a screaming kick mommy in the cooch fit. Ugh! That was the longest hour ever!

Thursday was Daisy Scouts and I am posting some pics. I ordered Alex's Daisy Girl Scout attire off the Girl Scout site and off ebay so I hope to have her all primped next week. LOL They painted edible cookies, made pumpkin cats, played stuck in the mud, did the girl scout promise, and ate brownies and Capri Sun. In all it was a fun meeting. We'll be going to Gaddart Farms to do the corn maze next Saturday. I'll be sure to post pics.

Tonight after the daycare kids had cleared out, we went out to eat at Anchor Inn. I think I mentioned that was our favorite Mexican restraunt here. It's about as authentic as you can get here. I love their Sopa while Dave chows on Chilie Rellenos. He always gets those nasty sweet bread cookies for a take home treat. Yuck! I can't stand them. Anyways the kids were with us. We go out about once a month to eat in a restraunt with them and dread it most of the time. We do only buffet unless we're eating at like 3PM and we can get food fast somewhere like Applebees. Well Dominic was good for the most part. Only a few minor mishaps but he ate lots of tortilla, pepperoni, baconbits, ham, and grapes. He'll have LOVELY diapers for me to clean tomorrow. Damien just sat and watched us. He's the best. I hope he stays so sweet and kind. If he ends up like Dominic I don't know what I'll do.

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Adam's Mom said...

Oh sweetie - I am so sorry Dominic was his usual nutty self at gymnastics! I don't know how you stay sane - especially with a home day care business and taking on another kid (smacking you in the head on that one you freak).

I hope Damien continues on as a little angel like his sister!

Sending you patience and love!