Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Money Money Money

I hadn't blogged for a few days so I thought I would while I have a second here. This week is going to be a bit stressful as I'm watching this new little guy and trying to fit him into our schedule. It's a bit harder dealing with 3 babies now with naps and feeding time. So far the first day was pretty hard with naps but today is abit better as I put our kids downstairs in the family room. The 3 kids are seperated each in a bedroom but when one starts screaming the other wakes up. Ugh! Hopefully in a week the new guy we'll get the routine.

Not much else has been going on here. We still haven't gotten the hot tub but really it's been too hot out to need it yet! Today is supposed to be 90 degrees but next week could be in the 40's you just never know with Kansas weather!

I have found that Damien is teething in a rather messy way! We've been going through a few shirts a day, I really don't like doing the bib thing especially if they don't match an outfit. His gums aren't swollen yet, no fever, BUT he has 3 back teeth showing through his gums. I find this absolutely amazing as I've never had a kid with their Canine teeth showing before any others. I want to pry his mouth open and take pics but it'll be a 2 person job since they are back a bit! I run my fingers over them and it doesn't bother him at all. Pretty early to be seeing teeth I think.

Last night I went to Walmart to do some quick shopping after I put the kids to bed. I was only at Walmart for less than 30 minutes! That's a miracle! I think this was the first time I've ever thought "wow kids cost money!" I spent $40 on my kids/$10 on grocceries. Here's what I bought.

  • Baby Lotion
  • 16 oz Rice w/bananas
  • Plain Rice Cereal
  • BIG can of formula
  • Dominic Socks
  • Damien Socks
  • Formula Dispenser
  • Saltines
  • 2% Milk
  • Veggie Oil
  • Two 12 pks pop
  • 3 Yogurt cups
  • 2 canned Cinnamon Roll pkgs

I buy mostly generic so it may seem like this should be more money. I still have to buy 2 packs of diapers by the end of the week for Dominic and Damien, I have to pay for Gymnastics today, and Friday I have to pay $8 for one field trip to the pumpkin pack, and Saturday I'll shell out $15 for us all to go to another pumpkin patch with her Daisy troop. This is in one week! Yikes! You'd think by now I'd realize that kids do cost money and to stop having them. I started doing some calculating for when I have 3 kids in grade school.

School Lunches for Alexzandra $2.00 ea X 20 days a month = $40 x 3Kids= $120.00 mthly Holy Moley! I guess I'll start saving now or just plan on making them lunches about 90% of the month. Not only was I thinking of school lunches but we will have Dominic and Damien in some sort of sport activity such as Tae Kwon Do or Karate. Alex's gymnastics are $26 a month. Her Daisy's are $5 a month. I expect having them involved in 1 sport will be near $90 a month + $120 in school lunches. LOL I guess I'll go get a real job then huh!?!? I am constantly worrying about money and the kids. We haven't even started their 529's yet! Has anyone else?? We do have about $200 on Upromise but we haven't turned it into a 529 because they want $50 a month when you do! What about braces? I wonder if my kids will have to get them eventually and what about broken limbs or trips to the orthopedic surgeon when they get hurt in sports!!! EEEK!! Now I'm getting ahead of myself here.

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Anonymous said...

I share some of your frustrations regarding upromise. I just read in my local paper this week about a new service at littlegrad.com that allows you to create a 529 plan without a minimum deposit.

You might want to check them out.