Wednesday, October 19, 2005

"You are Not taking a picture of my fangs! I refuse!"

Well today was about the same with little N. Gonna take him sometime to get used to my house. I still can't believe how large this kid is! WOW! Overall the day was ok just alot of crying out of him. Hopefully he'll get used to our routine and schedule with napping and eating and start to like it abit more here. Right now he seems rather angry!! He doesn't like me to pick him up and kicks at me! LOL

David asked our dentist about Damien's 3 little canine teeth in the back and why he was getting them so early. Turns out boys jaws are built different than girls so they may show through for quite awhile it doesn't mean the teeth will come in first or right away. He said as long as they aren't hurting him than he's ok but if he starts having pain then we need to get him to the dr. I don't know what the dr would do except tell you to give him Tylenol or is the back teeth pain a bad sign? Who knows. The past two days I've been using a Parents Choice Infant feeding set and feeding Damien Rice Cereal with bananas! He's 3 1/2 mths old and I started my other two kids around this time with cereal too. This little thing is pretty neat. I make his cereal real thin, stick it in there, vaccum all the air out of it and then he sucks on the little sipper part. He loves it and screams when I take it out to wipe his face. I'm just feeding it to him for breakfast and bedtime snack. He ate it so fast tonight then was just fell asleep. I hope it keeps him in bed all night but I doubt. I can always hope though right? I usually get up twice a night now. Dominic always wants me to get him a drink and then Damien still wants fed around 4:30-5 AM. He'll sleep from 9 till he feels the need to eat. Still pretty good but I'd like it to be longer like 6 AM when I wake up! I hate going to bed after I feed him and waking up a hour later. Oh Well

Tomorrow night will be so busy. I have 3 things to do in less than 2 hours. Pick up cookie dough, a parent teacher conference, and Daisy meeting. Friday I will be going with Alex's class to a pumpkin patch out of town. I'll be escorting 5 other kiddos. Will this be better for me or worse than daycare? I'm sure it'll be better.

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