Monday, November 28, 2005

4 Days Was Way Too Short

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Well our weekend was pretty packed. Unfortuntely I didn't get much housework done having 4 days off. Housework seems to be impossible right now because one of the kids is always awake to occupy my time unless I start doing housework around 10 PM and stay up all night. (sigh)

Our Thanksgiving went well. We celebrated at my mom's at noon and my dad's for supper. Damien was the highlight. He was so exhausted by the end of the day. My sister and I bickered over dumb junk and her husband kept taking off to respond to calls. Some kids called 911 and hung up so dispatch said it was a domestic disturbance. We were shocked that he was back after 10 minutes. My sister Mandi was in Boston visiting a friend so she didn't make a grand appearance. She's young, only 22 and loves to piss off Jill's finance. She'll tell him all the drugs she's done recently and how she sped 100 in a 55 just to get at his goat. It's great.

We did our shopping the day after Thanksgiving at 10 AM. I got a sewing machine and a DVD player for cheap! That was all we wanted. We've learned you're a complete retard if you go to all the stores at 5 and 6 AM. Walmart and Target especially. I've been told by personell at those two stores that they put the cheap merchandise out throughout the morning so if you can't find it come back later and look, you usually will! We found just about everything in the flyers but who would we buy any of the stuff for? It was a pretty good day though.

Saturday we spent putting up the tree which I wish I wouldn't have. I should have waited a week before Xmas. Dominic has wrecked the tree already pulling everything off and rearranging ornaments. I wish I could have remembered him doing all the damage last year. How could I have forgotten is what I'd like to know. We put out some Christmas lights and when this nasty wind stops I'll put out our airblown snowman. That night we went to Chili's and ate for free since it took FOREVER to get our food! I hate it when that happens but they realized their mistake and just came up and said "you'll be eating free tonight" so we were pretty happy but the kids were so tired and restless. For being there for 1.5 hours with 3 kids I think we did really really good!

Sunday we went to the Sedgwick Co Zoo again. We love going to the zoo and wanted to get one more free trip with our zoo membership before the year ended. It looks like the nasty winter weather is back till spring now. We knew Sunday by watching TV that showers were predicted but it looked nice out so went for it. All the way there we were hit with rain bands of T-storms. It'd clear up then start pouring out of the blue. We got to the zoo and it was nice but then I heard thunder and just like that it was pouring again. After driving around for 30 minutes it cleared off again so we hurried in. We were there for 2 hours, windy 50 degree weather but we got to see everything. At the end of our visit we noticed the sky was getting black so after all we had endured we thought we'd better get the hell out of there and go home. I guess there were tornadoes, we didn't see any but we got home safe. Last night though it started snowing something fierce and was in the 30's. Figures! Gotta love Kansas!

So this weekend I picked up fabric for my new sewing machine. I can't wait to find time to sew. LOL I'm thinking I should fit it in around 2-3 AM. Think that would work??? I also bought my first scrapbook kit to do as a Mommy/daughter project. It took us 1 hour to do 2 pages!! I can see why it's so addicting though. When I went to Walmart last night I bought a whole bunch of junk to help us out. I bought more fabric to make Dominic a Tie blanket. I'll post pics as soon as I'm done with it. It should only take me a few hours to do that one.


Laura said...

Just reading about your weekend makes me tired! Sounds like you got some great deals on Black Friday. I didn't even go near any of the stores!

I am dreading putting up our tree this year because Ethan is crawling and learning to pull up, and I just know that the tree is going to get wrecked in no time at all. But it just seems wrong to not put a tree up for his first Christmas, you know? Guess I'll have to get a baby gate to keep him away from that room most of the time!

Adam's Mom said...

I am so jealous of the US Thanksgiving long weekend! How smart to have "black Friday" (is that what it's called?) BEFORE Christmas! We have Boxing Day after Christmas but what good does that do? I guess you can buy everything you didn't get LOL.

I'm glad you were able to pack so much into the weekend! I just hope now that you can get a bit of a break, perhaps get laundry done etc.

Love, Sheri

PS LOL at Dominic and the Christmas tree! Last Christmas I had 4 three month old kittens climbing up the tree every second. They wrecked the fake tree we had to toss it but at least this year I get a real tree - can't wait! I just hope little Sammy doesn't climb up it again or I'll have his ass!

UREWQ said...

Wow, Sabrina you sure were busy! We finished putting our tree this weekend, it is my first tree and of course we did it mostly for Ethan, but he is just near the tree when we are next to him.

I wanted to say thanks for your input on the walkers. I am so behind reading the posts and I did not want to forget to thank you.