Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

Am I the only one who seems to competing with my sibling? Does anyone else have this problem?

All right I confess!

I do buy tons of toys that educational for my kids like Leapfrog and Vsmiles instead of Playstations or Game boys!

I can't lose 10 lbs in a week because I don't starve myself, I just can't do it like I did in highschool!

I don't chose to go to restraunts that offer low fat foods because most of the foods we like have grease in them.

Yes my house is alittle cluttered because I can't part with things like my sister and sell them for a few dollars in a yard sale.

Maybe my son does have a hearing problem and that's why he can't spit out huge sentences like his cousin who's 2 weeks younger than him. I dunno!


Amie said...

HUGS! It makes me kinda happy that I am the only one with children in my family. Ofcourse my brother still thinks that it is his duty to tell me where I am wrong as a parent! GGRRR!

Adam's Mom said...

LOL I have to laugh at the competition thing! My sisters and I are so different we really don't compete with eachother. Then my sister T pointed out they had a baby (well adopted but same thing), my other sister did renos to her house, and Shawn and I have to trump them by doing BOTH at the same time LOL