Tuesday, November 08, 2005

4 Months Old!

It's crazy how fast Damien is growing up. It's so neat to be home and watch every little milestone. I feel like I was cheated with Alex because I went back to work after 6 weeks and didn't get to experience some of the things I have with staying home with the boys. I love being the one person they can depend on all day everyday.

Some of his newest milestones are.......

  • grabbing at everything he sees
  • following people walking around with his eyes
  • sticking his hands in his mouth
  • drooling all over the place
  • arching his back and inching like an inch worm
  • rolling side to side but not over yet! He's rolled from tummy to back twice now.
  • eating 6 oz at every bottle now has been since about 3 1/2 mths
  • loves cereal with bananas!


Anonymous Assclown said...

Sorry to hijack but,

I expect full participation -


R said...

Happy 4 months, baby boy. You are such a blessing.


Adam's Mom said...

Look at that smile! What a sweetheart!!!