Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween Night!

Wow. Last night was a bit crazy, packed with tons of activities, and two very excited children wanting tons of candy. They ended up with about 3-4 Walmart bags full. We did 2 trunk for treats, went to the YMCA and Westbrook Baptist for activities they had going on. Then after we did that we went and trick or treated. The kids got to bed at 9:45 a whole hour later than normal but they were so psyched from all the suckers they ate in the car, they weren't too terribly tired! Alex had alot of fun at Westbrook with the fishing game and bowling while Dominic was just out for the candy and could care less about the games at the Y or Westbrook. Damien just chilled since he'd been up for about 3-4 hours he slept most of the outing.

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Crystal said...

Dominic looks too cute in the Pirate costume! I love it! Halloween is truly a great holiday for kids. My friends 3 month old was a tootsie rool. It was too cute.