Monday, November 21, 2005

How Much Wood Could A Woodchuck Chuck If A Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood?

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I've decided to give up on my charting for the moment. It's driving me nuts as I don't know what to think. I don't know if my battery has went dead or what. Even using my family themometer I'm getting about 1/2 a degree off in the lower direction. Maybe it's just me. Who knows.

This weekend we rode on the parade float thrown together by the Daisy Scout leaders. We didn't have any time to decorate since it gets dark so early anymore. I donated my hay out of my barn so that's what we all sat on. It actually wasn't too cold and we didn't freeze to death like I had thought we would. We waved forever it seemed (a whole mile) Dominic had a blast. He screamed "hi" to everyone but by the end he was whispering "hi." Afterwards I met Dave at the truck we loaded up and went home. I also ended up taking Alex to a birthday party that afternoon at the zoo. It turned misty and dreary by that time and I was so sure I was going to get sick. So far I haven't. At the party they let us pet a woodchuck, an animal I thought before was a beaver. Well it's an actual animal and cute! Wilma the woodchuck was a petting zoo animal because she has a nerological problem and when put on the floor the poor thing could just turn in circles. It was sad. But as far as the saying goes....I guess they don't like and won't eat wood so most likely they'll never try eating it.

Today has been rough with Damien. Boy is having some poop issues again so I gave him a suppository to "help him out." It worked and now he's playing in his crib. He started getting irritated at every little thing so I was pretty sure it was the poop that was making him so angry. Having him crying today plus one infant dropped off starving after a Doctor's Appointment made serving lunch difficult. We survived though barely. I have to feed one at a time so there was one screaming while the other was being taken care of and sometimes two screaming at once. (sigh)

I'm so worn out. I am tired by noon and have no motivation to do anything around the house. I'm starting to get upset that my housework isn't getting done again. I don't know how to solve getting housework done except for staying up all night to do it. That's the only way. Dominic won't even take a nap today, go figure.

In other news Sunday we thought we'd find someone to watch the kids so we could shop for their Christmas presents before they sell out. Called my mom, said she'd take Alex to the Motorcycle toy run with her cousin Madison at 1 PM but not Dominic. Nice huh? I said ok started hurrying Alex around to go then got a call from my mother saying she didn't have enough time to get Alex she was just going to take Madison but when she got back she'd have Alex over to play with Madison. She never called back till after 3PM in which we had decided to leave around 2:30 because we were tired of waiting. David was pissed as always because my mom does these kind of things all the time. She favors my sister's kids over mine, she helps my sister out anytime she needs help but when it comes to me, nope. My dad and I have had our differences in the past but he is so much more willing to help me with things and help with the kids. I don't even know why I call her first. Dave's aunt did end up watching all 3 kids for us so we could get the main toys. Dora house, Shaking race car track, and this skeeball game. We are far from done on the kids but these are the things that I thought would sell out fast.

While at Walmart getting gifts I picked up some size 3 diapers for Damien. Yes Size 3's! Can't believe how fast he's growing.

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Sara said...

Wow, size three!! Noah JUST outgrew the size three, and he is 14 months. LOL.

Sorry about the Christmas shopping fiasco. I was thinking the other day that next year I won't be able to do any Christmas shopping with the boys in tow because Kai will be old enough to understand what I'm doing. Bummer.

I know what you mean about housework. Since my crazed psycho post about cleaning everything all day long, I have been trying to figure out a better way. I can get the basics done as I go (pick up, wipe off, sweep, even some laundry), but the nitty gritty (bathrooms, vacuuming the stairs, ironing) is another story. I hate staying up late to do housework. I would like to declare 8:30-10:30 p.m. MOMMY'S HOURS OF PEACE, but it doesn't seem to be happening. :P