Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I have come to realize there are a few people in my family who are so ungrateful it makes me completely sick to my stomach. We'll start with this example......

My sister J calls to talk to Dave about her computer woes. Dave is very good with computers and has even went to school for networking and other things. When anyone has a problem they want Dave to come over and fix it for free. This happens equally between family and friends and it's not that he doesn't want to come do it for free, it's just time consuming. Most of the time he requests that they bring their hard drive and he'll fix it when he gets a chance. So my sister brings by her hard drive which will not start at all. He cleans it while they are here and offers to let her borrow one of the hard drives we have. We have a total 8 computers in our house. She takes it home because she has college homework to do and she doesn't know how to install her DSL software on it and get it to work so she calls Dave 30 minutes after getting home complaining to him. Then the next day after she finally gets it on there she calls to complain that the thing has Windows 98 and not XP, she doesn't like it and if he's got her computer fixed.

My mother, can be a witch. We do alot of things for her but then when she does something for us, she almost sounds like she wants repaid but not with money in other ways. For example Dave sprayed the outside of her house to kill elm bugs. Did he get a Thank you? Nope he never does she just expects him to do it since he kills bugs for a living. A week after this I asked her if she could watch the kids so I could take Damien to his Dr's appt so she did then afterwards I told her thanks and she said her repayment will be to use the hot tub that night. Dave was hot, he said her repayment should be the $100 treatment he did on her house to kill all the bugs. She's never came to get soak in the hot tub because she makes these plans then cancels, just as she did with Alex the other day. I get so tired of her making plans then canceling them so I told Dave the other day when she says she wants to do something with the kids, I'm not even telling them anymore till she shows up or I show up at her house because I'm tired of them getting their hearts broken. Or I should say Alex's heart broken because she never wants to do anything with Dominic anyways.

My aunt and uncles really have me stumped along with my mother. These are grown adults yet they expect my grandma and grandpa to hand over cash all the time to them. They have jobs and are capable of making their own money but why do they always ask my grandparents for money? My grandparents just paid $200 + to have my cousin come to town. Why didn't his own parents pay? I have never asked my parents or my grandparents EVER for money. I've been buying my own things since I was 16 and had a job. The worst part is when it comes to Christmas, their anniversary, or birthday's Dave and I make an effort to get them a great gift and recognize the occasion while their own kids spend like $10-20 bucks on them. Does that not make you want to puke?

I don't know what to think anymore. I used to go on and on about how my cousin, who has 5 kids from different dad's, made me so disgusted how she took advantage of the government (welfare) . She even told a friend of mine (not knowing she was a friend) how to get welfare to pay for her pregnancy since she's never paid for anything medically on her kids. My grandma bends over backwards for her also helping financially anyway she can because she feels sorry for her. I remember when I first started dating and my grandma used to say we'd better never get pregnant without being married or ever date any colored people. Look at my white trash cousin with 5 kids all from different colored dads (3 black dad's, 1 Mexican) and pampered daily by grandma.

Alot of these emotions are coming about with Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner. Tis the season I guess. The recent actions of my sister and my mother I will try to bypass as if nothing has happened. I try not to let my mom crawl under my skin. My sister J likes to say "you look just like mom" I think the next time I hear that out of her, I'll just have to say "I may look like her but I sure as hell don't act like her.....but you do" Wonder how well that would go?

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Amie said...

Wow, girl, let out your feelings :) At least you don't have to worry about our side since they just all pretty much ignore each other, but that is another story all together huh? I think your snarkyness just wore off on me, LOL ;)