Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Some personals

Sara- I would like to have 8:30-10:30 as mommy time as well but I'm such a freak on my housework, I use that time to clean. I do think you have an excellent plan about doing the basics now and the harder stuff later on. That's sorta how I do things as well. Since my laundry is in the basement, I usually wait till the kids are asleep for that one as well. As for the church nursery, I'm glad to hear that you don't repeat their names 50 times hoping to get them to cry for your enjoyment like the other parents! lol

Sheri- I would die laughing if you were the first to be pregnant again. That would be a hoot. Knowing you though, when you go through labor next month you'll make damn sure you're on some sort of birthcontrol before you leave the hospital! LMAO!

Rachel- glad you liked the throw up! I couldn't believe I caught that on tape, I thought for sure he was going to roll over then his sides started sucking in like he was going to throw up and whalllaaa!

Amie- thanks for trying to figure my crazy body out. LOL My cycle is still crazy and yes I just stopped breastfeeding Damien about a month ago now. How long do you plan on with E??

Yarisol- thanks for the prayers on his job promo! We should find out in the next few days!!!


Amie said...

I am sorry I couldn't help you with your charting, to be totally honest it completly confuses me! I plan to bf until she weans, with in reason (meaning possbly til she is 2 or so). I am hoping that it holds off ovualtion for me for a while longer, it is pretty nice that I have not had an af since Apr of 04, wahoo!

UREWQ said...

Sabrina, thank you for always finding time out of your busy schedule and even do personals to us on your blog, you rock!

UREWQ said...

ooops! forgot to say that I bet Dave and you must be nervous to hear about the tests results.

If he gets the promotion, are you guys supposed to move somewhere else?