Wednesday, November 16, 2005

If it's not one thing, it's another

Image hosted by Image hosted by The past two weeks have been a bit crazy here. I don't have much computer time anymore. Not only did I take on Nicholas, I took on this nasty nasty cold I can't shake. I've been coughing my head off now for 2 weeks. Damien has came down with it and has a nasty nose daily now and is coughing and gagging just like me. Most of the time it's gagging but as the video shows below his gagging has lead to a few throw up instances. No matter how many vitamins we take, OJ we drink, or how many times we wash our hands we're still going to have illnesses here since I do daycare. All I can do is try my best to control what I can.

Damien has started rolling now....Alot. He was able to roll from tummy to back but now since yesterday he's started rolling from back to tummy and he loves it so much so that he's trying to do it in his bed. He just discovered how to do it yesterday but now he won't stop. Today daddy is buying him a Bumbo and mommy is so so excited! I'll be minus the stupid infant carrier since his legs hang over the edge and I'll carry the foam seat for him to sit in, in the basket. This may seem unsafe to some, but I think it'll work out great. I think it's alot safer than carrying him in an infant seat he's outgrown. I'll be shopping this weekend for a new carseat, most likely another Cosco Alpha Omega like we already have.

As for other things, the daycare annoyances are still going strong. I had a mom just get in my refrigerator yesterday afternoon to refill her daughter's cup with milk without even asking me. She wanted it full for the drive a mile away in another subdivistion out here. Dave was sitting in the front room and couldn't believe she did it. She also thinks it's ok to bring over cereal and other snacks for her kids to eat on my couch in the morning. As soon as she leaves, I make her daughter go eat it in the kitchen or I take it away which makes her cry but I'm sorry, food is to be eaten at the table. Not on my couch that's already stained from her sippy cups. Another mom keeps bringing her kid over with food in his hand at times when it's not even breakfast, snack or lunch time. She wants him to sit and finish his food which he just wants to get up so I just throw it out when she walks out the door and let him go play. There's also one big gripe I'd like to address to parents taking kids to daycare. Please, do not address your child 15 times to get his/her attention to make them realize you are leaving. This is just flat out wrong. I have a kiddo who is perfectly fine when dropped off but the parent makes a big fuss so the kid knows they're leaving them there. If the kiddo finds a toy to play with mom/dad gets mad that the child is not crying that they are being left so the parent continues on and on saying things relating to them leaving such as "mamma's going bye bye" How cruel to get your kid to cry then leave them with me to listen to their sad sobs for a half a hour that they've been left. Thanks! (sarcastic there)

On the job promo with Dave, he took the test and feels he did a pretty good job. His boss is going to look it over before sending it to corporate. If all goes well we figure the first of January he'll start his new position.

Final note: I just received my spa supplies today in which I had ordered a sample pack that includes 15 different types of Aromatherapy fragrences to try out. Sad part is, I am not using my hot tub again till I get over this horrible cold. Sunday I was doing better, then I got in the hot tub that night and Monday I was back to feeling like crap. It's been about 30 degrees at night when I get in and out of it.

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Sara said...

Sabrina, I have said it before, and I will say it again: I could never do what you do. It is enough to plan a day for my own children, but to take care of other people's children on a constant would be too much!

I cannot BELIEVE that woman went in and just poured her kid milk from your fridge! What a nut. Pour water out of the faucet, maybe, but dig in your fridge for milk? A definite NO. And I have seen other parents do that make-them-cry thing at the nursery at church. It drives me crazy. I admit to being a little bit disheartened some days because they just smile as I go, while all the other children are screeching, but they run to me now when I come back, so I guess I should be happy they are happy. I literally give them each a quick hug and a kiss, wave bye-bye and leave. :) Just thought you'd be proud of me. :)