Thursday, November 17, 2005


My Uterus: "Sabrina............We have a problem. Copy?"
My Brain: "10-4 Over and Out."

Ya know there are far better things I'd like to worry about than birth control. I really hate the pill. I think it's the reason I started gaining weight after highschool. I've thought about the patch but then I'm glad I didn't because of the FDA warning of blood clots from an overabundance of estrogen. I wouldn't care to get pregnant again, I'm not really against it, just not right now. I decided after Damien was born I'd do NFP (charting) again. I've been doing it since Alex was about a yr old. Dave is ok with it as it does work, if you have a normal cycle. Well I have NOT been a normal person for over a year now. I never ovulate at the same time EVER, sometimes I'll have AO cycles (annovulatory), my temps vary month to month. Before my miscarriage I was a textbook charter. You could see my rises and I knew when O was and what day my period would come. Not now. Right now I'm stuck in a mess cycle CD30 which seems to be 3DPO, but I had a HUGE drop today. So did I ovulate? This happened last month as well to me ending in a short LP. I'm so confused. I love being able to tell what's going on with myself but anymore I have no idea. I've been sick so that could have made a difference but I was sure I O'd the other day, now I'm thinking maybe not. So for the next 2 weeks (unless I didn't) I have to wonder if I did or didn't and if we may have gotten in that little 5 day window or not. I told Dave the other day I thought I was but he didn't care so we just dtd anyways. He still has his "if it happens it happens and if it doesn't it wasn't meant to be" mentality. Let the waiting begin....


Amie said...

I just wanted tos ay that I totally understand, youjust stopped breast feeding in the last couple of weeks though right? I was told that your first few AF might be be with out ovulating. I really don't know alot about it, yet, as I haven't had my first PPAF but when I do I am going to learn cause I am NOT going back on the pill. I don't think that I helped very much just to say I am there with ya mama :)

Adam's Mom said...

As the girl with crazy cycles as well I totally relate! I'm not sure what I'll do for birth control after the baby is born - I'll have to figure that one out still. I sure as heck don't want to be the first girl pregnant again from the board LMAO!!