Sunday, November 06, 2005

Kid Fest

Well we went to Kid Fest on Saturday and boy was that crazy. When they say "for kids" it really is! They had moonwalks, animal balloons, tatoos, strawberry milk, apple juice, apple slices with carmel, ice cream bars, etc all free for the kids. Walmart even set up all the hottest toys for Christmas and the kid's were able to play with them all. They had a few things for parents as well such as baby shops and Avon but mainly everything was for the rugrats. Speaking of Rugrats, they were there as well and Dominic was in LOVE with them. He hugged them all and stood there forever just gazing at how big they were. They also had Chucky Cheese, Clifford the Dog, Mr McFeeley, Jay Jay the Airplane, Batman and Barbie. Enjoy the pictures.

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