Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Attention Fellow Blogging Momma's: If I posted a comment to you that made absolutely no sense at all, it's probably due to one of the following reasons that I've had to take care of interrupting my posting time.

  • Damien screaming, not wanting to take a nap, and crying to be held all day
  • Dominic has been in my fridge on and off all morning and has downed 2 boxes of Yoohoo causing him to bounce off the walls, and make huge messes for me to clean as he squirts toothpaste all over the counter, dumps sugar on the floor, and uses a pencil on my kitchen cabinets.
  • Constant fighting over dinosaurs, yep dinosaurs rule the Earth here at our house along with Thomas the train and Dora (sigh)
  • Nicholas, loose poop again, fell onto my floor earlier out of his Luv diaper.
  • Lunch Time, a disaster as I listened to Damien scream the whole time and the kids not even touching their food but wanting to touch each other.
  • Constant whining and scratching from Bailey in an attempt to have me drop what I'm doing to let him go outside to do his business.
  • Dominic coming in and out of his bedroom into the kitchen (even as I write this!)about 10 times so far because he is still on nap strike.

Finally though, some peace as Damien has crashed in the bouncer. Not the best spot to sleep but hey, it works!

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Lisa said...

Oh my. I can honestly say that I can relate !!!! There has been times that life has been so crazy that I honestly thought that it couldn't be reality ( or maybe I was hoping !!! ). My baby is 2 and life is a little less crazy in some ways but crazier in others ( my 3 rd old son contributes to that ).