Monday, December 19, 2005

Snow! A Whoppin 5 Inches Of It!

After two days of falling snow we had to take advantage of the white stuff so I took the kids sledding yesterday for the first time in their lives. We live next to a levy that was built so the town we live in would never flood. Towards the top right you can kinda see the levy it just looks like a hill really. I guess WAY back in like the 1920's or so, the Arkansas River went way over it's banks and well the rest is history so on one side of our town and all the way out in the country even where I am there's this huge 15 ft hill. I could kick myself in the ass for not getting any pics of yesterday as it was hilarious. Alex was riding on the frisbie looking sled while Dominic and I took the 2 seater sled. Poor guy's boots kept coming off so we only did it for about 45 minutes before we went home. They had a blast though and hopefully we'll do it again before the snow melts.

I went to my aunt's house last night to visit. There were other people there as well so it wasn't so ackward for me. I gave her a huge hug and cried and told her let me know if she needed ANYTHING. I told her if she wants me to cook her supper for the next few weeks or whatever I'd do it for her. I even brought her some enchiladas for starters. LOL We all talked about Larry laughing on the good times we had with him. His pitbull Lucy looked so lost and confused like she knew something wasn't right. This dog was his baby after his daughter grew up. He took her to construction work sites everyday, she drank beer, she was his life. We all stared at his Tony Stewart shrine in the frontroom and wondered why he never bought Lucy a Tony Stewart collar. LOL The funeral will be hard but I think we'll be ok and knowing my crazy family, they'll have a kegger afterwards to celebrate his life.

As for everything else around here, we are almost prepared for Christmas. As much as I LOVE Christmas, I'm looking forward to it being over. The nonstop running around, busy stores, Baby Jesuses being stolen from Nativity scenes in town, I'm ready for it all to end. The only thing I look forward to during this time is seeing our children so happy with big smiles on their face Christmas morning.

We rented Dance Dance Revolution #2 this weekend and boy is that one more fun than #1! Better songs like Brick House by the Commodores and even Rubberneckin by Elvis! Just a few more days till my sister Mandi gets here and we'll have our dance off. LOL


Amie said...

The snow sounds fun! Kyle talked to my Dad yesterday and Dad told him about the snow and Kyle said "we are going to Grandad's to to play in the snow". I don't think that he gets that KS is 1200 miles away and that it doesn't snow in GA. Oh well! :)

UREWQ said...

Sabrina, I am so sorry to hear about your uncle, especially this time of the year.

Many hugs.