Thursday, December 01, 2005

Here's our Christmas Pictures! Now I'm Taking The Tree Down!

Yep!! That's right! And you're probably thinking "What the? It's only December 1st!"

Imagine this if you will. November 25 an elegant looking 7 foot pine tree decorated with white tinsel, gold bells, and tons of My 1st, 2nd, 3rd year Christmas Ornaments is erected by my husband and I. Our little Alexzandra asked us about 100 times on Thanksgiving if we could put it up and if she could help decorate.

Today, our fake pine tree has branches torn off and on the ground, broken ornaments around it, the bottom lights aren't working, and who knows where the skirt is. All damage done by our almost 3 yr old son Dominic. In a way it's my own fault for trying to block out the past and how much damage he did last year. Last year was bad but I'm thinking not as this year. I do remember NOW having to put all the ornaments high and out of his reach and taking all the candy canes off because he kept eating them all. Alex is alittle crushed we're taking it down already but she's not blind, she's seing the destruction as well but she's alittle more OK with it than we are. We're discussing putting it in the basement in the other family room but haven't decided quite yet. It's pretty cramped down there but at least down there I can block off Dominic from messing with it with my nice wooden baby gate that he can't climb. HA HA HA! HA! (evil laugh)

Sad part is, the daycare kids really aren't messing with it since when I'm not in the room the babies are in a playpen playing together. The other two actually have manners and have listened when I told them not to play with it.


Amie said...

LOL, I call it preventive parenting! Maybe you can put it back up on christmas eve and take it down Christmas day? Sending (((hugs))) and patience your way!

Adam's Mom said...

Sorry, but LMAO over here! Last year I had to decorate the tree almost every day! We had 4 tiny kittens that every single flippin day managed to escape from where ever we had baracaded them and would climb the darn tree and sleep in it! ggggggggrrrrrrrrr Got some great pictures though!

I am sad because I don't know if our house will be done in time to put up a tree. I'm going to do my best though! If the baby comes early I want it up just for photo ops LOL