Friday, December 02, 2005

If At First You Don't Succeed, Try Till You Ruin It

This week has been really hard with the daycare kids and Dominic. I'm getting stressed again. Getting headaches. Want to cry. My son is driving me nuts and I'm worn out from screaming at him all day. I don't know what to do. He never takes naps, he's always taking toys, pushing the other kids, he's so rowdy. I'm so so done.

Yesterday I was rushing to get things done since we had a Daisy meeting to get to at 6:30. The last 2 kids were picked up at 5:45 so I had supper all ready so as soon as they went out the door we could eat real quick and leave. I locked the front door top lock so Dominic couldn't run out after me and Alex and I headed for the garage to leave. I hit the button for the door and it went up about 2 ft and stopped. It did this to me earlier in the day and I couldn't figure it out. It's been so cold though so I thought it was just too cold to go up since our other garage door has had that problem. I ran in and told Dave something was wrong with the garage door and to come help me. I told him "push the button and I'll pull it up" He said "ummm I think maybe we should try moving the van." I looked at the back of the van and said "uh oh maybe you're right." I jumped in and inched it closer to the wall infront and hit the button. It went up with no problem. I gulped. I knew we probably had damage. And sure enough. The handle from the door shredded long gashes up and down each time I went out yesterday pressing the button over and over throughout the day trying to figure out why the door refused to go up. I'm sure that's going to knock off a few bucks when we trade it in. NOTE: This is NOT my fault. Dave was the one to put the thing up the night before. Of course he says I should have noticed the van was sitting a bit back before I shut the door.

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Adam's Mom said...

Oh dear! Bring it up to us - Shawn runs an automotive detail shop and could have someone fix that right up for you! LOL