Saturday, December 03, 2005

Just Tryin To Make The Kids Smile

Today we were home all day which was pretty nice considering what part of the year it is and how busy the stores are. I decided to start getting a few projects done that I've been meaning to do. First I made Dominic this SpongeBob and Patrick pillow. I found the fabric for only $2 a yard at Hobby Lobby last week. Then I made Dominic's
"Choo Choo" blanket. My son is so addicted to Thomas the Train and I couldn't find any fleece so I did find The Little Engine Who Could (I think I can I think I can)and I made his blanket with that. What's neat is we have this book and it's the same exact train and scene in the book we have. Dominic was so happy when I gave him the blanket and pillow. He was jumping around saying "choo choo bane-ket!" Dominic (on another nap strike today) also thought as soon as I gave him the finished projects he could just roll over and go to sleep. It was 6 PM so daddy and I had to keep stirring him to keep him awake because I'm NOT going to have another child waking me up at night.

Not sure but I think Alexzandra's coming down with Stomach Flu. She's been mopey today and threw up once tonight already. No fever and as soon as she gets sick she feels 100% better. This is not good because everytime we get stomach flu here, we all get it and daddy ends up having to clean up because mommy has a weak stomach. You'd think with all the poop I clean up everyday I'd have a stomach made of steel!


Adam's Mom said...

My nephew Nathan would LOVE that blanket! He is a Thomas the train freak as well (actually, anything train ish he loves). Alex looks so pathetic in the last picture - I hope she feels better soon!

I'll be back on the BBC soon just trying to get our house in order before the baby comes. I miss you girls!

Love, Sheri

PS Why did Dave read my fire alarm post and shake his head - LOL - he must think I am a crazy Canadian chick LOL

Kirsten said...

poor kiddo! Keeping my fingers crossed for no stomach flu for you guys!