Friday, December 09, 2005

Is This Week Over With Yet??

Well we had ANOTHER drama episode last night. I nominate this week as


I was downstairs doing laundry and thought I'd sneek on the computer in the basement. Dave thinks I'm on the computer ALL DAY (shhhh!) so at night I stay away from it. I'm only on the computer for about 5 minutes when my basement starts to go dim and I hear that buzzing electric noise. It was like some horror film, lights going on and off, buzzing and clicking. Imagine the movie Green Mile when they fried the inmates. My computer was FREAKING OUT. I flipped the Main button to shut it off real quick and then the basement went compeletly dark. Dominic says "uh oh mamma...lights lights!" Well no shit sherlock! I could see lights on upstairs so Dominic and I stumbled in the dark around the pool table to go upstairs. I told Dave something was seriously wrong downstairs and get his butt down there. He came down and we heard this clicking noise so I told him I thought it was the pump. If you live in the country like we do, you use a pump to get water. He was pretty sure the pump went out and surged all the power. I called Superman (my dad)and he came over to help even though he was sick. He has helped me so much in life. Love him. Anyways- Dave runs to buy another pump and Dad looks at our wiring. He's sure that it has something to do with the master electrican who replaced our box when we got the hot tub. He even hotwires my pump to a 110 outlet to see if the power would work with the pump not being hooked up. Anyways we called the 24 hour # to the electrican and told him we had a brown out surge and 75% of our house was out of power but our sockets, upstairs light, refrigerator, and heater still worked. Electrican told us it sounded like Westar, the electric company's meter outside our house. He said he would come over and make sure it wasn't his work first though, by this time it's 10:00PM. He looks and I guess we have a crappy breaker and it flipped but still was getting some juice. Before he arrived the lights came back on downstairs but nothing would work and it was orange because the lights were so dim.

So GOOD THING the electrican said he wouldn't charge us if we bought the breaker from them. So that was sincerely nice of them BUT I told Dave that they are probably doing that since I paid them the $830 in less than 30 days instead of drawing it out like some people do. So anyways that was the end of my crazy night. Now you want to hear about my crazy morning?? LOL

This morning Damien wakes up at 4:45 to eat so I get a bottle and lay back in bed with him. I'm feeding him and then all the sudden the f'in fire alarm in the basement starts going off!!! I get out of bed, leave him there by the way, main concern was Alex in the basement. Run downstairs, Dave was already down there since he was in the shower and it's a false alarm. I guess water is leaking from our shower pipe and it leaked into fire alarm causing it to go off. Couldn't get it to shut off either since it's got a Lithium battery so I took the dang thing and chucked it in the yard in the snow and TRIED to go back to bed which I couldn't so I've been up since then!


cityangelz said...

hey! I like your blog. and I'm a real person. Not one of those weird posters. Anyway, hope you don't mind if i come back to read more ok?


Lindsay said...

What a night! I was in and out of consciousness last night, so I saw you come on and then go again.

I hope things are okay now!

I'm so glad that Alex is okay by the way. What a scare. There are so many things that scare me about those busses, I'm scared about needing to rely on those.

Thanks for all your comments on my blog. I feel like I've been such a whiner, so it's nice to hear that maybe my world is a little crazy and I'm not the crazy one.