Sunday, December 11, 2005

No News Is Good News

Well I was hoping for a good weekend after this week was so BAD but didn't get it. Friday around 3PM I started feeling.....a bit PREGNANT! But I'm not just so you know. Instead I, yes I got the Stomach Flu as well. I felt sick to my stomach for about 5 hours till I finally started upchucking. I also got the other end of it as well (hershey squirts) so Dave had to listen to me complain about it all night. I should be sick daily because when I am, he treats me like a queen. Why is that? He did the dishes, gave the kids baths, put them to bed, fed the dogs, while I laid on the couch all night. I felt pretty much back in order by Saturday morning, just a bit sore so as long as I took Tylenol I was ok.

Saturday afternoon I found out my uncle had a brain aneurysm. From what I'm told he was a guy's house with my cousin Chad. He yawned and bent over to tie his shoe and when he bent over he started snoring. He stayed slumped over snoring for a second then just fell forward on the floor. They called 911, he was taken to our hospital but flown to Wichita after they found out it had ruptured in his forehead. He's been in and out of it just saying weird things like repeating "21, 21, 21." Knowing Larry, he's probably dreaming of being in a liquor store trying to buy alcohol and no one believed his age (although he's around 40) He's sorta the comedian type. This morning he told my grandma "good mornin' Betty" So I think that's a good sign. They are actually doing his surgery right now so I'm waiting to hear the results. So far he's been in surgery for awhile and I haven't gotten a phone call so that's a good. I was told that sometimes people can stroke out in surgery.

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