Thursday, December 29, 2005

The New Toy

This week has been like a vacation! I'm only watching 1 kiddo plus my 3 since school is out. I can actually do housework for once! Too bad as of Monday I'll be back to the norm of 6 kids for 10 hours a day. To the left is a nice pic I suppose, LOL of the kids after a draining day on Christmas Eve. Yes I finally found matching shirts for the boys at JcPenny! I was so happy! It took forever since Damien is a baby but he wears 12 mth clothes now so I finally found something in the bigger infant section. Dominic just wanted to go to bed, he was fried.

The day after Christmas we went shopping for all the 1/2 price junk we thought would be worth buying. Have I ever said how small our house is? We have around 2000 Sq Ft total. Everyone in my family says we need to sell off all these "toys" of ours and the kids so our house is less cluttered. So what do we do to appease them? Meaning this sarcastically of course. Why buy another "toy"! So here it is!
Foosball and Air Hockey was really all I cared for but you can also play kiddie pool and table tennis. And here's what it'll look like in a few months from lack of use. LOL Actually I have most of my laundry done so it's not so dirty looking at the moment. Yep, that's a pic of my laundry table.


nita said...

that baby is huuuuuge!!! and you can get stuff done with 'only 4 kids'??!!! woman, write a book. i can't always pee and i have one.child.


Lisa said...

Nice picture of your kiddos !!!

All your laundry is done.... I am so jealous !!!!

Jenn said...

Your kids are so cute! I like the matching shirts on the boys! And I'm LOL at the "toys"!