Friday, December 30, 2005

All Hail Caesar!

This is Caesar one of our 4 Heinz 57 dogs. I NEVER buy dogs and if you're a dog breeder than shame on you for making money off animals while thousands of dogs and cats each year are gassed and put to sleep at our shelters around the world. I have adopted so many animals from our local pound but they still gas over 2,000 dogs a year. When our dog Dusty died last year from being hit by a car, we went to the pound, not to replace exactly but if we can save a few of these dogs then we will. We wanted to take home about 10 of them but of course we can't afford to do that. Instead we took home two boys. Caesar looked like he'd be a small dog, he was still a puppy but as he grew up we found out he was going to be bigger than we thought. Oscar was the other puppy we took home. He was so skinny and had worms really bad. The two grew up together so I thought we'd have no issues with fighting but perhaps I was wrong. Caesar has become extremely jealous when I pet Oscar, so much so that last night he attacked the shit out of him while I was petting him. I wasn't hurt just a bit shook up as I was trying to get the two off each other. Dave came
running out there since he was at his work truck getting something. I was screaming so much he thought I was getting attacked. He told me if it continued we'd have to get rid of Caesar. (gulp) I won't do it, I'll seperate them or something but we'll figure a way to work through Caesar's problem.

I might as well post a few more pics.

Here's Alexzandra popping out of the Spongebob bed tent Dominic got for Christmas. Listen, if your rugrat is not sleeping well at night, not napping etc. buy one of these things because it has done us wonders. It just slips on the bed and they can sleep inside of it and really there's no need to take it off unless you need to wash the sheets.

Sorry about the blur there on his face but that's Damien trying to get on all 4's! It's so hard to take a picture of it right now since he's so fast moving around and my stupid camera has like a 5 second delay when I snap it. Errr. Below is a better looking pic though.

Here's my fish aquarium after Dominic knocked the light inside of it. THANKFULLY he's still alive because my husband cleaned the floor the other day and had unplugged it. It's now on it's way to the dump because honestly I don't think i'd be wise to try to dry it out and plug it back in. Just my opinion.

And last we have a picture of Dominic after being busted in the candy drawer in the kitchen for the millionth time. Now if I was smart, I'd move the candy right? Guess I'd better stop reading the blogs eh?

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Adam's Mom said...

I just love seeing the pictures of the kiddies! Way too cute!