Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Truckers Beware!

If you don't like bad language I suggest you skip this post.

I don't know if it's just the time of year or what but it just seems like everything is just going wrong. Damien has become a teething nightmare so he's taking alot of my time. He is absolutely fine if I carry him around all day but doing daycare it's just not possible. He's crying all the time it seems unless he's sleeping.

My mother tells me today that she's not sure if she'll make it to Alexzandra's Christmas program as she'll be watching my sister's kids. This is complete total bullshit. I have told her over and over when the fucking thing was. I know I've bitched on here about my mom and my sister Jill being her little favorite. She does EVERYTHING for Jill but if I ask for anything, anything at all it's either a hassle or she'll say she can't help. Almost every night she watches her kids so Jill can go to the salon, go to night school, go to fuckin Walmart? Walmart, c'mon! I take all 3 of my kids to Walmart all the time. Why in the hell do you need a babysitter everytime you go to Walmart? She picks the kids up from daycare for her. She NEVER offered to come get Alexzandra when she was in daycare. She was only in it till she was 2 yrs old but she never offered at all.

Dave has already picked up on alot of things in the past that I've tried to blow over like it's no big deal but not this one has got me pissed off majorly. When I need anything, he says call my dad because he's right, Karen and Dad help us everytime we need it whether it's watching the kids or helping with something wrong with our house. If it has anything to do with my sister though Mom's there 100%. She told me a week ago she took a vacation day just so she could watch Jill's kids. She would have NEVER done that for me.

I'm so sick of the shit. It's at a point now where I'm about to say fuck it, if she doesn't come I'm not even going to say anything I'm just not going to call her anymore. Then when she says "well why haven't you called?" I'm going to say "you don't make an effort for my kids so I'm returning the favor and not making an effort to you" It's funny she lives only 4 minutes from us yet she never comes to my house but she's at my sister's house almost daily and she lives 20 minutes from us.

What the hell is her deal? You all may think that I'm a bitch by saying all this about my mom but if you have kids, and siblings, maybe you've dealt with this yourself. It's got to stop. Did I mention about the toy run on my blog? I'm not sure but if so sorry if this is a repeat. Mom called a few weeks ago asking to take Alex to the motorcycle toyrun with Madison (Alex's cousin). I got Alex all ready, mom called said she was late she was just going to take Madison and she'd come by later and get Alex. Thanks for breaking my fuckin kid's heart you cold hearted bitch.


Lindsay said...


You have every right in the world to be mad. Showing favoritism that greatly and obviously is aweful, especially when dealing with little kids.

I don't blame you in the slightest for being at that point with her. It is my opinion that your kids need to come first and if she is mistreating them, then you have every right to cut off or reduce contact.

(My mom is much the same, by the way. My siblings can do no wrong, but what I do is never enough.)

I'm so sorry you're dealing with this, especially this time of year and Damien going through teething. You're strength is amazing to me!

Sending you hugs,

Deanne said...


That has got to be so hurtful. I am sorry that she continues to slap you and your kids in the face like that.

Big Hugs,