Thursday, December 15, 2005

Christmas in 10 days?? Yikes!

After putting all pirates and truckers to shame on my last post, I thought I'd better say something a bit more civilized. I'm not usually so horrible but I posted right after I talked to my mom.

My sister Mandi came by last night and we played Dance Dance Revolution making completely fools of ourselves. I can't wait till Christmas when she comes back to play again. If you don't know what this game is, it's a dance mat you hook up to your Xbox and dance to a bunch of Techno songs trying to master the moves. Perhaps you've seen Ronald McDonald on his commercial strutting his stuff? This game is so much fun, you may suck at first but you just continue trying over and over (it's that addictive)till you lose 15 lbs from sweating. After your performance you are given a score. I have only 2 songs I've scored A's on. Miss Alex loves it as well but Dave has only tried once and I don't think he will ever again because of me laughing at him.

This morning I took about 50 items for the food drive at Alex's school. Whoever has the most non perishable items in each class will get to throw a pie in a faculty members face. I was bound and determined to have Alex do that one. I spent $10 on food and that got me about 35 items plus what I cleaned out at the house. She came home and said "Jessica brought 35 items for the food drive so I need to take more!" That's part of the reason we waited till the end was to find out how much I needed to take so she could win in her class and throw a pie. I think she will because I still have to collect food from my dad.

Damien's teething rage has died down some, still no teeth poking through. I was hoping for a quick show of teeth to ease his pain some, guess not. He's diggin all the Grape Tylenol and Orajel though.

I just realized today that Christmas is like in 10 days! Holy crap for me because I still haven't mailed out Christmas cards, or finished shopping. I'm kinda wondering about the whole Christmas card deal. I send out usually about 40 cards each year. Can you believe I've gotten 4 so far? Do people just hate me? I got a ton last year, almost a card daily but this is sad! I use Christmas cards as my time to catch up with pics and a letter with what's going on nowadays. It's so hard to keep up like you used to after having kids. Hopefully everyone just realized the same thing I did today and I'll start getting some cards soon. If not I'll feel so unloved. (sigh)


Lisa said...

Greetings from Vancouver Island,

Ugh , I am so not ready for Christmas !!!

Your kids are very cute and I am enjoying your blog.

K|nneret said...

Hey, I never managed to keep up, even before the boy. Of course, I don't really send Xmas cards being Jewish and all, but ... still.

Sara said...

I know what you mean about cards. I've received four (and two were from our moms). I also have not finished mine. I am starting to think this is a really busy year for everyone, though. None of my sisters have finished theirs, and that's highly unusual.

You know what I hate about the cards, though? LIke you, I think of it as a time to catch up. But most people just sign their name to the card. I don't know why I write so much in each one. LOL. I'd be done if I just signed them all.