Friday, December 16, 2005

Finally Friday!

Here's some fun pics today. My son beating the crap out of himself with his blue telephone rattle. I'm hoping that his reflexes on how to use his arms will come about soon so he doesn't continue to clobber himself with his toys. Sad part is I actually enjoyed taking these pictures because it was so funny. Thankfully he didn't harm himself in any way.

I received a phone call yesterday
from Early Ed, a free preschool program for kids with developmental delays. Dominic was tested in July and they said that at the moment he was OK for his age but they wanted to retest him at 6 mths because they were concerned on his language skills. They made his appointment for January and I'm hoping they will see what I'm up against then. His speech is more of a 2 yr old than an almost 3 yr old, he has no ability to stay with one thing for more than a few minutes, and he will not tolerate me trying to teach him anything. He also has a BIG bully problem. Yesterday Dave saw it first hand as he took one of the kids I watch and was pulling the guy around by his legs. I'm at loss as to what to do anymore about him. I feel like I have the worst kid in the world most of the time. Then others he's such a little lovey and just the sweetest kid on Earth.

Last night Alexzandra had a Girl Scout skating party to go to. When we got there, there were so many people we had to stand in line for 30minutes just to get in the door. The place was packed. I sat with a few moms who have girls in Alex's Daisy troop. One mom came up to talk to April and said her girl wasn't even in Girl Scouts, she had just heard about this and brought her daughter since they were giving out free pizza, pop and it was cheap to skate that's when we figured out WHY it was so busy. It was initiation to get more girls to join. I bet only half the girls there were in Scouts, the rest were about to be poked and proded to get them to join. Sure enough they did a 30 minute sermon on how great it is to be a Girl Scout. The girls were not having it and most of the kids were talking or leaving the skate floor since they had the girls stop skating and sit on the floor. It was a bit comical because it just wasn't the best way to get kids interested. You can't just have kids skate then cut the music and say sit down let's talk. She got to skate with her friends though, and I got my ADULT time.

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