Sunday, January 08, 2006

A Failed Potty Training Weekend

THE PRIZE= A New Thomas and Friends Diecast Thomas Jet Engine Set $12.99 The Chart= Hand crafted by me of course so it looks pretty gay. Choo Choo tracks leading to the Thomas Prize! Notice there's 3 stickers on there. Friday night as soon as we came back from Target, he took his bath and sat naked on the couch playing with Thomas through the packaging. The shine in the picture is from the Jet Engine part that lights up if any one is familiar with Thomas the Train.
Prize #2- New Thomas and Friends undies. He sported them around all night carying around his Thomas in the packaging. Below he's asking Daddy to open up Thomas, still NOT getting the point that he has to pee on the toilet to get Thomas out of the package.

Daddy TRIED to explain that once he filled up the chart with stickers, we would open Thomas. It was a night of "pleeeeease" over and over out of his mouth but we told him again and again the rules to get Thomas.

Here he is in the bathroom trying to get Thomas as I finally took the dang thing away and put him ontop of the mirror in the bathroom. So anyways, we failed potty training this weekend. He'll go a few times but he pooped once and peed about every other time. I finally said screw it and he's back in diapers. Boy that was fun and I have about 4 extra pairs of jeans and underwear to wash.


rach said...

That picture of him without his underwear on is HILARIOUS! Oh my gosh! What a crazy man!

p.s. I am going to try to just pump a little bit to get rid of the ache! You are right...I can do it!

Adam's Mom said...

Oh Sabrina! You make me laugh even though you're having such a difficult time. I hope potty training works out! I highly doubt he'll be going to high school with diapers on so I'm sure it'll eventually work!
xoxo Sheri