Friday, January 06, 2006

Potty Training Weekend...Wish me Luck!

Ok so like there's this fire about a mile from me, out of control, like 5-6 fire trucks there I'm hearing and wind gusts of like 10-20 mph today and I can't go over there and take pictures because I'm stuck here with all the kids. Shit on me.

Today I have been at my wits end with Dominic. Lil' hellraiser has spit pop all over my floor on purpose, climbed onto the top of his dresser and the bookcase to get his DVD's (we keep them up there because he ruins them) ripped out more stuffing out of my couch pillows, wouldn't eat lunch, drank more fishtank water, ate toothpaste, hit me really hard in the stomach with his fists, pulled my baggy ass jeans down from hanging on my legs, and then woke up a few of the daycare kids because he won't take a nap and instead is throwing shit at his door because I took his Thomas trains for all the bad things he's done today. Oh yeah the kicker. When Tasha came to pick up her son today he saw her coming towards the door when looking outside so he slammed and locked the door in her face then took off running to his room doing the hyena laugh while I was sitting and feeding baby D. I've resulted to just taking any toy that I think he finds important because swatting him does nothing especially with a diaper on his ass. Yeah, still diapers and he'll be 3 next month. Ugh.

I do though, plan to start potty training this weekend. Can you believe after I just announced what a rotten brat he's been all day that I'm going to go buy a new Thomas diecast train tonight? But wait I haven't finished. He gets the train after he pees consistently on the toilet and not in his pants. We're goin old school here folks, we're lettin him do it in his pants none of this Pull-Ups B-S. He's going to learn the hard way that yeah, peeing and pooping your pants isn't really that cool when it's on not absorbed by layers of cotton on your butt. I will need assistance with my laundry this weekend if anyone cares to volunteer.

Last night Alex had her Daisy meeting in which they made little scrapbooks. I'm glad I didn't go out for the troop leader. I have a much better time sitting there watching and chatting with other mommy friends. I got my new Avon books from April and I got my fill of school gossip. I also had another mom there tell me if I have people who call me for daycare and I can't or won't accept them, to send them her way. She then proceeded to tell me she wasn't licensed or registered which means she's doing it under the table. (IRS NO NO) I told her I would but yeah right! I'm not referring anyone to her, I'll send them to some of the other women I know who actually claim their earnings like I and get taxed out the arse for being honest. But anyways here's a pic from their Daisy Christmas/Holiday party where we all were instructed to buy a $5 gift. Guess what us mom's all bought? Yep you guessed it BARBIE!

In other news, Damien is now 6 months old! Can't believe he's been around for 1/2 a yr now as it feels like just yesterday he was kicking me in my incision as I tried breastfeeding him. His new milestones are....
  • Putting all objects in his mouth, including dog ears.
  • Trying to get on all 4's
  • eats about any regular baby food now. We thought we'd try refried beans the other day but he hated them.
  • gets a temper when he can't reach something or wants to be held
  • no teeth yet but still slobbering and teething.

Note to self: Change slobbery clothes before taking pictures. See pic below.


UREWQ said...

Wow, Damien is 6 months old already!!! Ethan is 10 months old today..time really flies.

I love reading all your daily happenings because I learn a lot from ya.

Today I was checking a website for a roast beef recipe and saw your bbc screen name, I had no clue it was a food!!! It is so funny now that I know what it is...

Lisa said...

Potting training my favorite !!!

My Ella turned 2 in Oct and she is potty training herself. My oldest did the same at 18 mos. My other 3 were not that easy at all!!! I have been changing diapers for 6 years straight ( With 2 in diapers as well) and thought that I would greet this new development with Joy but it actually made me very sad. I guess I am weird !!!

Is the Daisy group an American thing ??? It looks fun.

Your little guy is very cute , do you think you will have more???

I still can't believe you do daycare !!!

Lorraine said...

Sounds like you have your hands full with Dominic! Good luck with the potty training. I'm sure he'll get the hang of it when he know what the reward is!

Damien sounds like Lauren with regard to the Temper & Teeth situation, lol.