Thursday, January 05, 2006

Not Leaving on a Jet Plane

I can't believe it's already January. The past year flew by way too fast. This summer, in June, our family is supposed to go to Phoenix for a family reunion on his side and to visit Dave's parents. I know this is going to be our first huge martial fight ever when I refuse. I've already told him he can go by himself. I'm am deathly afraid of airplanes and heights. I've always been that way so no I haven't been on any exotic trips. If we travel it's in a car. His mom expects me to get over my phobia and fly and honestly she can kiss my ass because I'm not doing anything to please her. He's already started checking into alternatives. We can rent an RV but gas would be around $400 plus it's over $100 a day to rent, train is 14 hours but the airplane is cheapest and only 2 hours travel time. His parents are ever so willing though to pay if we fly. I just am really afraid of freaking out once I get on the damn plane and can't get off. I've had a few problems with heights in the past at a few places like the Denver capital building, The St Louis Arch, and a tram ride just to name a few. I freeze up and can't move, start feeling numb then start to scream and bawl while hyperventilating but still stand stiff as a board because I can't move. Wasn't there a man who was shot for acting like a complete moron on a airplane a while back? I know he said he had a bomb but with the way I act when having a panic attack, I'm sure they'll think I have a bomb and shoot me too.

So anyways this has been bugging the hell out of me lately because first the confrontation with Dave on it, and second the fact he hasn't told him parents we're probably not going to go. I don't see myself traveling 14 hours on a train with 3 kids and I can't imagine having Dominic on a plane with how he acts. I will not let the kids go anywhere without me. I know his parents are going to be pissed but it's not my fault they moved down there and left us and their grandkids and it's not my fault I'm freaked out by heights. I don't know what the hell to do but if you have any ideas be sure to let me know.


Tuesday Girl said...

One word: drugs. For you and maybe a little benadryl for the kids.

Sabrina said...

Ok so this is from my sister in my email...uhhhh maybe I will try some drugs, say screw it and fly.

Hey sister. I read your blog today. I don't know why you are so affraid of heights. Didn't you know it's safer to fly than to drive anyways??? Remember my first flying expeirernce? I flew to California and mom kept insisting that i ride with her friend. However on the way back the wind blew the car off the road and mom's friend died. 2 hours is nothing either, my last flight was 6 hours long. You know you can sit here and worry about what the hell you would do on a plane or you can live a litte and see what actually happens. You should try it

Shana said...

I agree with Tuesday Girl... drugs are clearly called for in this situation. Explain to your doctor so you can get a few Valium or Xanax for the trip there and back.

Since you'll be in a happy place during the airplane ride, Dave should clearly be responsible for the kiddos. He's the one who really wants to do this anyway.

I hope you like hot weather! June is generally REALLY hot here, like 110 most days. If I'm remembering right, our record high heat of 124 happened in June of 1990.

Sara said...

close the window and try to distract yourself when taking off and for me when I feel a little claustraphobic...also to make yourself more comfortable, try a later flight, they're sometimes less packed which means more room for you and the rugrats