Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

We didn't do much for New Years except go out to eat and get another $100 worth of food and junk from Walmart. I should own stock in Walmart with how much a month I spend there. Dave and I were given a gift certificate for El Potrillo which is this awesome Mexican food place here in town so we decided to try to wing it with all 3 kids. Went pretty well, Dominic was a bit bored towards the end but they ate great. While getting in the car though Dominic wasn't minding so Dave put our leftover food on top of the minivan while he wrestled him in. Would you believe we forgot that damn container on the top of the van? Yeah so when I see a bit of a clearing in the traffic, I take off out the driveway and our styrofoam container gets chucked into traffic. I look in the rearview and see cars swearving around it like it was a huge rock. LOVELY! Suprised our leftover taco and chicken sandwich didn't create an accident
We also celebrated my stepdad's 50th birthday. My mother suprised Mike by having us all show up at 7 PM. You could tell he was like "what the hell?" as each car showed up with people in it. Anyways we drank a little and had a great time. Here's some pics all taken by little Alexzandra well except of the ones of me, Dave took those. I would never flip off my kid.

Here's the Ol' Fart Mike, already had a few too many beers. Can ya tell?

Little puckering up for Dave as he took this shot and a nice finger shot below for him as well.

Here's Jill my sister I complain about alot of the time.

Dave enjoying a cold one.

Ya know I didn't realize till now that my Grandpa was breaking the diabetic rules last night. He had cake, icecream and a Bud Light. Next to him there is my cousin Tyson. It was his Stepdad who died a few weeks ago.

Here's Madison my sister's daughter trying to vogue I guess.

Grandma was my babysitter last night while I mingled. Damien was in a really bad mood too. Think he was having some more teething episodes. When he was in a good mood he was hangin out in the swing. He loves this thing as you can see with him trying to rip that cat toy down.
This is mom and her little rat lookin puppy. It's actually a Yorkie. I was a bit pissed that she bought this thing instead of going to our pound to save one of the dogs or puppies there. She could have saved about 5 dogs for what she paid for this one. SICK SICK SICK.

Here's Kaelynn my sister's little girl that was causing me so much grief when I used to watch her. Dominic's taught her how to be a hellraiser like himself. She wouldn't listen to any of us.

Speakin of little D, here he is chowing on some cake and ice cream. And last of all, a close up of Baby D while he was in a decent way. I'm tellin ya he was full of anger, screaming till his head was bright red and his fists crammed in his mouth. Gotta love teething.


Syed Siddique Sharaf said...

cool photos
Happy new year !

Amie said...

I didn't even know that your mom had remarried, Anywhoo, looks like you had a good time :) You ought to tell her that I say "hi" :)