Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Mamma Dr. D. -Not Accepting New Patients At this Time

Finally on here after spending a hour undoing Dominic's damage of pushing all the keys on the keyboard. He had the keyboard locked and when I opened a IE window, the Internet Options kept opening and that was it. Same with the SBC DSL browser. I wouldn't have left him alone but our neighbor's cat was in our garage AGAIN. He shit in the bed of Dave's truck. He was so pissed when I called him and told him.

Yesteday was so nice. I can't even BEGIN to tell how different it was not having Dominic running around the house getting into everything, coloring on walls, or beating up another child. It was so quiet it was eerie. Damien slept nearly all day from getting his shots AND having this cold that is wiping him out. It makes me so sad to see him like this and not be able to do anything about it. He's got the humidifier and this Sudafed plug in thing going in his room with the door shut to hopefully help some. His poor legs are so sore from the shots yesterday that he screams and cries if you touch them. I think it was a bad idea getting the shots since he was already had a bit of a cold. Now it seems to have gotten 15 times worse. He was up coughing all night and I teared up with him because I do feel his pain. At 2 AM I rocked him for 45 minutes while he hacked away stroking his puffy sad eyes. I hope he gets better today but he's acting almost the same as yesterday, miserable.

Here he is this morning with his major puffy eyes. Just looking at the pictures you can see how horrible he feels. And almost everytime I hold him, he falls asleep in a few minutes.

My fridge dry erase board I usually use for the HUGE weekly grocerry list now has this section at the bottom for my Medical Center I have going on here the past few weeks. All 3 kids have been coughing along with having faucet noses, ear aches, and sore throats. It's been fun....NOT! One of these days I'll have to look through my blog on how many posts I've had on sick kids. Bet it's alot!


Lisa said...

Oh I feel your pain !!!! we all started to get sick on Dec 14th and Ella and myself still are not 100% . Poor boy , he looks very sick :(

Josiah ( 3) goes to preschool 2 full days a week and I get a lot more done ( even with 4 others ) like homeschooling which is almost impossibe when he is around. My brother has Add ( he found out when he was 35 ) and we have wondered about our boy . He cannot comprehend that if he does something wrong he will be in trouble.something wrong he will get in trouble. He is seriously harder than my 4 girls . Anyways, sorry for the novel !!! UI hope it works out for him .

Sara said...


Wow. Poor little guy. Those pictures reminded me of when Noah had the croup thing. He was so pathetic and sad. They don't understand why they hurt. It's very sad, isn't it?

Congrats on Dom doing such a great job at preschool. Wow. That is so cool that he can attend the program. I laughed at how he asked for a nap. LOL. Too funny.


Mama C-ta said...

Ohhhhh, that 3rd pic of him sleeping just makes my heart melt!!!

I hope he gets some relief soon, I hate when they are sick they are helpless enough. J got his shots last time when he was sick and I felt bad afterward for doing it too.

BTW thanks for your first comment ;)