Monday, January 23, 2006

I'm So Proud!!!

Took this pic when he came home. Tried to get one with him wearing the Spongebob back pack but he wouldn't. Spongebob was only $6.49 thanks to Target! I heart Target!

If you've been keeping up, today was Dominic's first day of School at Early Ed. He did great!(as far as I know) This morning I was a bit anxious I must have looked outside for his bus a good 30 times. I woke Alex and Dominic both up at 6:45 and started getting them dressed and fed. Alex was picked up at 7:15. I tried everything to get Dom to eat just alittle bit so he wouldn't be hungry there. With how picky he is, I didn't think he'd eat their snack. He ate about 1/4 of a poptart and a sippy cup of chocolate milk. Pretty soon I heard the rumbling of the bus at 7:55. As soon as I said "Dominic! Your bus is here!" He was out the door running. I had to take his SpongeBob back pack out to the bus for him. The bus driver put him in a brand new Cosco booster chair and talked to him. He was so excited to be on the bus. He paid no attention to me saying "I'll see you later" or anything. Completely ignored me he was that excited.

I got about a hour break before I had to take Damien to his 6 mth check up at 9:15. He weighs 18lbs and is 27 1/2 inches long! He had 3 shots (poor guy!) and he's now been crashed out for 3.5 hours without waking up. He was exhausted from waking up so early and then the shots trauma which I about started crying myself from seeing his faces at each needle.

At noon, Dominic's bus brought him home. He had a boy sitting next to him this time who looked completely out of it, maybe Downs, I'm not sure. One thing that was asked when we entered Dominic in this was if we realized this class was for Special Ed children and if we would be bothered by having Dominic "labeled" as a Special Needs child. I never really thought of it much. He's doesn't have any disabilities per say, but his attention and speech/language skills are just not what they should be for a 3 yr old. I hope with their Para-educators and Therapists working with him, we can get him to where he should be. As far as him being around real special need children daily, I think it's great. Maybe with as young as he is, he'll realize they are no different than he is except for braces, hearing-aids, or a wheelchair that may help them act just like the other kids.

Dominic was so tired when he came home that he was only home for 30 minutes before falling asleep. I tried to feed him a corndog and threatened him with a nap if he didn't eat. He actually ASKED for a nap and said "please?" HUH?!?! So he's napping now. His folder says he worked at the Art Area with playdough, circle time, house area, and toy area. He also did Small Group work (sorting and such) he didn't like the snack (beenie weenies and white grape juice) and he played outside. He has class pictures on Wednesday and they sent home 5 different Scholastic book order forms. Oh brother. I already spend about $30 a month in Alex's book orders.


Laura said...


I'm so glad that Dom did well at school today and that he's so excited about it. Sounds like this is going to be a great program for him!

Love the SpongeBob backpack! Target is my FAVORITE store!!!

catbird said...

awww, first day at school! Glad to hear he's enthusiastic! Good luck with it all. :)

Amie said...

Sounds like it went great, I am so glad for you! :)

Lisa said...

I am glad that he had a good day at school. You know a child is tired when they want to nap !!!!

You little guy weighs 4 lbs more then Ella did at one year ( 14 lbs ) !!! Shots are no fun ( for Mum or babe) , poor boy .